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Eating a well balanced diet has that many health benefits that you’d be silly to not do it.

Spice Up Your Life

They say that in your thirties, you’ll have found your true self, and will be living life to the fullest. Part of this is true, women do come into their own in their thirties. But as for living life to the fullest? It tends to not happen. There’s so many responsibilities getting in way that […]

Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Summer

Summer is a great time of year, the days are long, vacations are booked, and relation mode is in full effect. We tend to eat out more especially when on vacation and the tempting seasonal treats are always available. We have some simple strategies to get you through summer while staying healthy and fit. Nutrition […]

VitOrganics Garcinia Cambogia Giveaway

Welcome to this great giveaway from VitOrganics and Everything Mommyhood! Everything Mommyhood and a handful of other bloggers have teamed up with VitOrganics to offer our readers a giveaway where FIVE people will win a bottle of Garcinia Cambogia! VitOrganics also has a special deal going on over at their site with a 20% off […]

Ultimate Makeover: Skinny Pack Giveaway

Ultimate Makeover: Skinny Pack You can have your cake and eat it too when you add Advanced Formula Fat Fighter with Carb Inhibitors™ to your Ultimate Makeover regimen. The Skinny Pack has all the tightening, firming, and defining of the Ultimate Body Applicator and Defining Gel, plus the fat and carb fighting powers of Advanced […]