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Teri Hardy-Hatland

Welcome! Thanks for visiting MotherhoodDefined.com. My name is Teri Hardy-Hatland, and I’m a Family & Lifestyle Blogger, Traveler and Foodie. I currently am stationed in Iowa with my husband and our four children, 10 year-old daughter, 9 year-old daughter, 8 year-old son & 6 year-old son.

I often freelance and make guest appearances on Bulldog Reporter, BlogHer, Lucky Communities, Today and contribute to MPM as their FAM travel expert.

Contact me directly at teri {at} motherhooddefined.com

Aryka Hatland

Aryka is my lovely, aspiring anime illustrator. She is also my right hand when it comes to all things kids related. From toys to girls fashion, she has an amazing insight into the pre-teen mind.

She is available for TV, magazine, radio, fashion shots, video and written reviews from a child’s perspective.


LowE is my very demanding, aspiring metro male model. He is my go to for boy toys and fashion trends for wee men. He has been featured numberous times as a child model by various clothing lines.

He is available for TV, magazine, radio, photoshoots and fashion shows.

Motherhood Defined Mission Statement

All parents all question their ability to care for a child at some point. They find themselves needing a shoulder to lean on or just a friend to give them a little push in the right direction. We fill this role providing that all important listening ear without judgement.

Motherhood Defined is led by an amazing team of professional writers and trendy moms (plus Daddy D). We provide an abundance of information on trends, travel, all things foodie, parenting and the no boundary humor that comes along with just being a mom.

Each member of our team engages our community using a variety of social media channels, live events, as well as radio and news segments. We are also excited to announce an upcoming podcast (MPMTV) in late summer 2015!

Teri Hatland is also founder and partner at MPM, Mom Powered Media, a full service social media company.
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  1. Absolutely love the photos. They came out amazing💞 You guys look amazing & happy.

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