Writer’s Guide

Motherhood Defined and the MDefined Network appreciates all submissions and values the time that it takes to create content you can be proud of. So, we have put together a step-by-step guide to make things easier and very clear on what we will accept.

1.0 The Requirements

The articles you submit must follow the following rules of submission:

1.1 Original Content

All articles must be approved through Copyscape and Google search.

We will reject:

1.1.1. articles that have already been published elsewhere
1.1.2. published articles that have been “spun”
1.1.3. an article that was previously published but later unpublished for whatever reason
1.1.4. an article that’s been stolen from another author and is being passed off as your work
1.1.4. in addition, we reject writeups pertaining to sex, sexual performance, gambling, and other topics running along this vein

1.2. Stay on theme

Motherhood Defined is a family lifestyle and travel site so our articles should cater to those topics. In our experience, articles that are similar to helpful travel guides, family travel experiences, parenting tips and reviews of products / services will be considered.

We will reject:

1.2.1. articles that are written primarily to promote or pitch oneself, one’s brand, or one’s website
1.2.2. articles that are dry, descriptive and not helpful to our audience
1.2.3. reviews that contact stock photos that have been previously used

1.3. Polished and Ready to Publish

The less edits the better. PROOF-READ your work. The correct grammar is essential, no mistakes preferred, great article flow, and a format that reads well.

We will reject:

1.3.1. Articles that require intensive editing
1.3.2. Articles that don’t have a clear flow or progression of ideas
1.3.3. Articles that do not include photography

2.0 Writing Tips

We are open to all writing styles and focus on trying to make it rich in content and top quality.


Do not use BLOCK TEXT! Just don’t.

2.2. Headings or Subheadings

Do use headings, subheadings, bullets and numbered lists where needed.

2.3. Tone 

Use a personal tone, like you would be chatting with a group of friends. Be detailed but not boring. Upbeat without the use of too many “wow” style words. We prefer light, warm and readable.

2.4. Readability

Simple is sometimes best in terms of sentence structure and compound sentencing. Make it easy for our readers and for those engaging with our website. Write like you’re talking to an older child using simple choice of words that make it easier to grasp. Use shorter sentences.

2.5. Be You!

We like articles that speak from a personal perspective. Do include emotion, thoughts, feelings when writing submission.