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Eating a well balanced diet has that many health benefits that you’d be silly to not do it.

They say that in your thirties, you’ll have found your true self, and will be living life to the fullest. Part of this is true, women do come into their own in their thirties. But as for living life to the fullest? It tends to not happen. There’s so many responsibilities getting in way that can hold us back. Some better than others, a family life for example is one of the most fullest lives to live. Work however, is just a necessary evil that most of us have to drag ourselves through. Both of these areas, as well as so many more, could sometimes use a bit of spicing up. Take a look at the following tips to see how you could add more flare to your daily life.

Having a thriving social life is such an important aspect of life.

Social Life

Having a thriving social life is such an important aspect of life. If you’re thinking of yours now, and all that’s popped into your is that it’s dull and pretty much non existent then don’t panic. The reality is as you grow older and learn of the responsibilities you have, it becomes increasingly hard to manage a good social life. It’s usually last in the pecking order of priorities, but is first to make everything seem better. There really is nothing better than getting together with the girls and letting your hair down. When life is getting on top of you, it’s the perfect way to forget about everything and have a good time. The one great thing about friends is they’re completely separate from any other part of your life. You can unload any stresses you have onto them, and you’ll never have to hear from it again. So, it’s hard to get out for say a drink with the girls, so when you do get together, make it a big one. Get a hotel in your favourite part of town and make a night of it. It’s so common at the end of the night for friends to part ways, so throw it back to your youth and have a girly sleepover together. Spend the evening getting ready and dolling yourselves up. Include a couple of pre drinks to set the tone for the night. Head to town and really let your hair down. This is so much better just the average coffee meet up, you’ll be creating memories for life.


Possibly the worst area for going a bit stale. Again, with the many stresses and responsibilities in life, it’s hard to forget what true romance is. This couldn’t be more true for people with Children. Right from birth until they fly the nest, children need constant attention. Whether it be dinner cooking, or clothes washing, it doesn’t stop. Fitting romance in around all of this can be nearly impossible. But spicing it up in little ways isn’t if you put your mind to it. Always remember the man needs to feel loved and appreciated as well. So many women stereotypically expect all the romance to come from the man, but if you take charge you’ll be surprised of the wonders it’ll work. Even something little like breakfast in bed to start the day is great. Or, if you’re looking for something bigger, why not plan something like a spa break. Nothing says romance like a day of being pampered together. See if you can find a deal where you can spend the night for some real quality time together. Little days out, or dates alone like this is the best way to spice up the romance aspect of your life.

Eating a well balanced diet has that many health benefits that you’d be silly to not do it.

Personal Well-being

If you’re thinking to yourself, why do I need to spice up my well being? Well, your personal health and general well being affects every aspect of your life. If you’re constantly eating bad foods, or maybe even not getting enough exercise, it’ll have a negative effect on other things. Eating a well balanced diet has that many health benefits that you’d be silly to not do it. For one, you’ll have so much more energy to get you through the day. You’ll reduce risks of future health issues and you may just learn to love a healthy lifestyle. Try getting the whole family involved to keep it interesting, as healthy eating really doesn’t have to be that hard. Spice it up a bit and get creative with recipes. To make it fun for the children, try home made pizzas with reduced fat cheeses. They’ll love getting involved, and it’ll encourage them to eat their food is they’ve made it. As for you, take a look at some online meal plans and see what could work for you. Make sure you’re keeping it varied each week, and at least having one cheat day to help make the routine a little easier. As for exercise, it’s so easy to spice that up. Gym classes are the best for keeping you entertained. Start with them first to get yourself going. They’re so much more intense, yet fun, it’ll help you find a love for fitness. Try getting your friends involved as well. Working out alone can make it hard to stay motivated, but with a friend by your side it’ll be much more fun.

Easy, find a way to love your job.


How the hell do you spice up work you say? Easy, find a way to love your job. You can’t spice up work life if you hate going to work. If at the moment you’re in a 9-5 job just so you can pay the bills, consider a change in career paths. Yes, it may be daunting but it’ll be worth it in the long run. If you’re well into your thirties, chances are you’ve been sat in the same boring office job for the last ten years. There’s so much more to life than being stuck doing something you hate. If you need don’t have the qualifications needed, look to taking an online course that’ll boost you in the right direction. If you love the job, but you’re just finding it hard to stay a little motivated when you’re there then look for ways to make it a little more interesting. Try asking your boss if you can switch to a different department or role. Changing positions is a great way to keep your passion burning. Having friends through work is so important as well. They’ll help you through the tough days, and in most cases will become friends for life. Don’t be afraid to plan things with them, even if it’s just a lunch break out of the office together. It’ll really help to spice things up.


Everyone has a certain style. You’re either going to be a comfy jeans and a top kind of girl, or you’re going to be someone who loves experimenting with their fashion. Whichever one you fall into, there’s always room to spice it up a little. With winter drawing closer, it’s wise to start looking into your winter wardrobe. Rather than pulling all the old jumpers out, treat yourself to a spending spree for a fresh new look. Take inspiration from celebs to see which style will suit you. Just being generally adventurous with your look is enough to spice it up. If you usually hide your figure under baggy clothing, look to be a tad more revealing. Some dark blue jeans, with some thigh high boots, a plain coloured top preferably black or white, and a leather or puffer jacket is such as classy yet comfortable look. As for a night out, swap that skater style dress for a more figure hugging bodycon one. Couple it with a killer pair of heals and you’ll be turning heads all night. If bodycon isn’t your style, there’s so many more to choose from, and as different styles suit different body types, it’s a blessing that there is. Click to read more about this, or just have a general browse of what you think will suit you. Adding a bit of confidence to your look is key to spicing up your style.

Family Life

Family life generally shouldn’t need that much spicing up if you have younger children, you’ll constantly be on the go doing fun things. But everyone knows that as they grow older, they become a recluse and will do anything to hide away in their rooms. But dragging them out and actually going out as a family is vital to spicing it up. Sometimes, just sitting in front of the TV together can get a little stale. So a great idea for bringing everyone together is a family adventure day out. Whether it be an active one, or something interesting such as an escape room day out. Either one will get the family working together and loving the time outdoors. Even if it’s just a once a month occurrence, it’ll still spark a bit of fun to the family life. Another common thing all households seem to do is eat their dinner in front of the TV. Start sitting around the dining table, it’ll open the window for conversation and provide family unity.

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