Surprising Facts Behind the Beauty Industry

Surprising Facts Behind the Beauty Industry

We all know that society places a high value on beauty, but few of us understand some of the facts and figures that lurk behind the beauty industry – whose profits we all contribute to in some way or another. So, I’ve done some digging around the web, and found these interesting things about skin care, cosmetics, and everything else we all spend money on. Read on to discover some surprising facts about the beauty industry!

Surprising Facts Behind the Beauty Industry

Cosmetic improvements

Ever thought about ‘having some work?’ If so, you’re in good company – 21 million people had cosmetic enhancements worldwide in 2015. According to, the biggest non-surgical procedure on the market is Botox – whether for men and women. With regards to surgical procedures, state that the most popular is breast augmentation, which is intended to enlarge or change the shape of the breast. Unsurprisingly, it’s a different story for men, who prefer blepharoplasty – or eyelid rejuvenation.

Be careful what you use!

First of all, I was surprised to find out that when it comes to regulating products you buy in American stores, there is little-to-nothing going on. There are 11 toxic ingredients banned from beauty products in this country, which is good to know. But how many do you think are banned in Europe? Twice that? 100? 500? In fact, there are over 1,300 ingredients forbidden in European countries, which should really make you think about your cosmetic shopping the next time around!

Beauty pays

If anyone out there is wondering whether to ditch the makeup altogether after reading that, hold your horses. According to research, good-looking people earn about 5% more than the average. It’s all down to perception, and whether warranted or not, those that look great give off a lot more confidence and can communicate better than those who do not.

Natural beauty is on the rise.

According to, natural beauty products are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, it’s worth over $13 billion regarding market share, and as more information about chemicals, surgical disasters, and animal testing continues to be shared on the web, it could be that the clock is ticking for synthetics.

Mascara tubes are filthy.

Be honest – how many times have you ever cleaned your mascara applicator and tube properly? If you have never done it, perhaps it’s time to make a start. According to a research study from a few years back, 79 percent of mascara tubes were packed full of staph bacteria, and it’s likely that your makeup could be the dirtiest, filthiest item in your purse. To get around this problem, only use mascara that is well within its expiry date. You should also stop buying large amounts, and stick to travel size tubes. Ultimately, the longer you have your mascara tube opened, the more staph bacteria will grow – and you don’t want to be applying those little germs anywhere near your eyes!

OK, so there you have it! Some of these facts really made me think – how about you?

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