Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Summer

Summer is a great time of year, the days are long, vacations are booked, and relation mode is in full effect. We tend to eat out more especially when on vacation and the tempting seasonal treats are always available. We have some simple strategies to get you through summer while staying healthy and fit.

Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Summer

Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Summer

Before you head out to eat think ahead about what would be a healthy choice, instead of letting your hungry stomach decide for you once you arrive to the restaurant. Most menus are online and you can look at them before you even arrive to the restaurant. Always try to have at least half of your plate full of vegetables, it could be salad, double vegetables as a side instead of fries and include protein that is grilled or baked like fish, chicken, beef or pork. If you feel like there are no healthy options order a grilled fish or chicken sandwich and toss half or the entire bun.

It’s easy to get into a unhealthy summer routine of sweet and cold desserts or cocktails. Try to limit those indulgences to the weekends and come up with healthy alternatives like homemade popsicles with fresh fruit, or yogurt parfaits, etc.

The top foods to avoid include fried foods, sugary foods and processed foods like hot dogs, chips, ice cream, etc. All of these foods are highly available at summer time activities like baseball games, theme parks, and vacation spots.

Try to consume foods that are unprocessed and as close to their natural form as possible. Choose foods that are in summer season like watermelon, tomatoes, berries, and peppers. These healthy plant based foods can be a great snack or side to any main course of grilled fish, chicken, steak or pork.

The most important summer nutrition tips we can give it to stay hydrated, the first sign of hunger may not actually be hunger, it could be thirst. By consuming at least half of your body weight in ounces of high quality hydroxide alkaline water per day, it will reduce cravings, will reduce acid in the body, which reduces acidosis and drastically reduces inflammation which adversely affects 85% of all diseases and promotes an alkaline metabolic state. This is overall a better option for the metabolism and health during the hot summer months. My research shows the best one is AQUA-OH!. It is made from pure limestone, is 100% natural, has no added minerals and uses no electrolysis or magnetism. It eliminates acid by forming water instead of just buffering it like other alkaline waters. It also comes as a concentrate so it is at least 250% cheaper than other alkaline waters.

Recipes for healthy summer eating

Suggested recipes for healthy summer eating: Summer Crab Cakes and Berry, Feta, Spinach Chicken Salad.

Recap of foods to avoid this summer.

Processed meats like hot dogs – these meats contain several fillers and preservatives instead eat grass fed beef/ turkey burgers, grilled chicken, fish or shrimp.

Sugary Mixers – If you are going to have some alcoholic beverages at your 4th of July party avoid sugary mixers like mojito, margarita, or other fruity cocktail options. Instead use sparkling water, and a squeeze of fresh lime, lemon, orange juice and your choice of alcohol.

Chips – Chips are made to make you want more, they are broken down on your tongue, leaving you wanting more and never satisfied. Instead choose fresh fruit and vegetables as your option for dipping.

Cheese & sausage – these are common appetizer options that are very calorie dense and can add up quickly. A snack plate of sausage, cheese and crackers can be over 1000 calories.

By: Dr. Keith Kantor, a leading nutritionist and CEO of the Nutritional Addiction Mitigation Eating and Drinking (NAMED) program. Dr. Kantor has list of healthy snacks and meals for the summer that are both nutritional and tasty, and they aren’t the usual suspects. He also has a list of the foods to avoid during the summer months. He has appeared on numerous shows for his expertise.

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