3 Amazing Destinations for a West Coast Family Spring Break

3 Amazing Destinations for a West Coast Family Spring Break

In the midst of its winter season, the West Coast can sometimes feel like it’s stuck in a cold, snowy funk. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to escape if you’re craving warm weather and sunshine during your vacation time. With spring break just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to get away with your family and get ready to have some fun in these three amazing destinations on the West Coast.

Amazing Destinations for a West Coast Family Spring Break - Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is one of those destinations that you simply have to visit at least once in your life. The Grand Canyon National Park spans over 1,900 square miles and offers endless fun things to do throughout your trip. If you want to see some stunning views, then look no further than Mather Point and Yavapai Observation Station. If you’re looking for something else, hop on one of the National Park Express Grand Canyon tours tour or hike down into one of the canyons and spend time at an Indian reservation such as Tusayan Museum or nearby Hopi land. When it comes to incredible memories, you won’t find anything more valuable than spending some quality time with your family during your next vacation at Grand Canyon National Park!

Amazing Destinations for a West Coast Family Spring Break - Catalina Island, California

Catalina Island, California

Travelers have long used Catalina Island as an escape. The small island is far enough away from Los Angeles to give you and your family a break from L.A.’s urban bustle, but close enough that when you’re ready to head back, it’s only a quick ferry ride away. There are also plenty of water sports available, like jet skiing and snorkeling. If your kids prefer land-based activities, there are great hiking trails on which to enjoy amazing views of Catalina’s coastline while exploring. Don’t forget to pack your baby carrier which you can find here so that baby can tag along on your hiking adventures. Be sure to take in picturesque Emerald Bay during your time here — waterfalls cascade into deep blue pools located along its dramatic cliffsides. With diverse landscapes and activities, families will find something they love at Catalina Island, which should come as no surprise considering it inspired Disneyland’s California Adventure theme park!

So pack up your car (there’s no easy way to get to Catalina by plane or public transport) and head out for a weekend full of fun in Southern California. You’ll never believe how quickly time flies… before you know it, summer will be here!

Amazing Destinations for a West Coast Family Spring Break - Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah

If you’re looking for some adventure during your trip to Utah, Moab is a must. It boasts some of the most gorgeous scenery in all of Utah —from expansive views to awe-inspiring rock formations—and you can spend hours driving along scenic byways without getting bored. Take advantage of all Moab has to offer by making sure some time during your trip includes fun adventures with friends or family: There are tons of great climbing spots and opportunities for rappelling along natural rock walls throughout the town. Hiking through these incredible formations alone or with loved ones will make any trip memorable. You’ll also want to set aside time for biking or horseback riding at Arches National Park; there are plenty of trails crisscrossing its hundreds of acres (to say nothing of nearby Canyonlands National Park). And if you get tired from all that excitement? Just kick back on one of Moab’s beaches! Those who enjoy sand volleyball have their pick between two well-known hot spots, while others can simply take in Calico Basin Bay’s clear waters while watching ducks float by.

These are just three of countless places to visit in Arizona, Utah, and California. If you’re looking for more recommendations on places to explore with your family, use TripAdvisor to help narrow down your choices based on reviews from previous travelers. These spots are iconic enough that any West Coast family should plan to visit them.

3 Amazing Destinations for a West Coast Family Spring Break
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