Places You Can Visit on Your First Trip to Italy

Places You Can Visit on Your First Trip to Italy

Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations that people generally visit. It’s an incredibly impressive place for tourists to visit. If you’ve upcoming holidays then, you should plan this time to visit Italy. Well, you might be wondering about the list of reasons why you should visit Italy. Well, there are a plethora of reasons why you should plan your trip to Italy. But, one thing to always remember is you must apply for the visa at least 4 days before the trip. 

If you’re unaware of the list of places that you can visit when you plan a trip to Italy then, we’ve got you covered. The post below will be providing a list of all the major places or rather the most visited places that you can plan on visiting. So, keep on reading the post below for your reference and better clarity over the places so that you can prepare all about your trip prior. 


To begin with, among many other places in Italy, you can plan to visit Rome. You will be able to discover a lot of historic places when you visit Rome. You might have indeed heard about the Roman Empire, Rome is the place that has the relic of the culture. You will also be able to taste the most authentic and delicious food in this place. It’s one of the most beautiful places that will provide you with an extreme level of fun and enjoyment when you visit this place. Also, you can visit this place with your partner or with your family if you desire to spend some time with them. 


Venice is one of the most beautiful places that you will ever discover. It’s a beautiful small place that has the best architectural style and overall environment. The people here are quite friendly and helpful and hence even if you’re visiting this place for the first time, you will not feel so due to the people of Venice. This place has several small streets with a lot of canal systems. You will be able to move from one place to another through the incredible water taxi. You will henceforth get a relaxing vacation for you to visit this place. You will easily get the flights for Venice as well as will be able to get a variety of hotels to stay. 


Well, Florence is another small place in Italy that is indeed worth visiting. Your trip to Italy will not be worth it if you don’t visit this place. This might be a small place but it’s one of the most beautiful places that you will be amazed at when you visit for the first time. Interestingly, you can plan a trip with your partner if you so desire. It will be best if you visit with your partner as this place has a lot of romantic sites that you can visit. You can visit Florence if you love exploring new places. 

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a city located in the northern parts of Italy. It is among the most attractive places that will blow your mind even when you visit for the first time. It’s best if you visit along with your family or even when you visit with your colleagues. It has all the beautiful places including the places with natural beauty. You will also be able to visit the cliff region if you love visiting these places. 

These were a few of the places that you can consider including in your visit to Italy. So, whenever you plan your trip to Italy, don’t miss to visit these incredible places that are considered the most beautiful places in the country. Just remember that you prepare certain things before you visit the place. A lot of things have to be considered or rather prepared before you visit the place. You should exchange your currency with the local currency and also should research the local customs and language of the county to not feel excluded or alienated.

Places You Can Visit on Your First Trip to Italy
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  1. It’s been a dream of mine to travel to Italy. I hadn’t heard of Cinque Terre. It sounds spectacular! I would love to visit.

  2. I would love to visit Italy. It would be fantastic to vacation in Rome. I am so interested in the history.

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