5 Reasons You Should Encourage Your Children to Travel

5 Reasons You Should Encourage Your Children to Travel

Watching your child walk away as they set off on a journey to a foreign country can be a terrifying experience. Every fear imaginable will be racing through your mind, and you will be fighting with your instinct to try and stop them going. However bad you feel about them leaving, traveling is one of the best formative experiences your child can have. Here are five reasons why you should encourage your children to travel. 

It’s a Learning Experience

They are going to be on their own and this will mean they will have to learn some very valuable life skills. For you, this is scary but remember that people are resourceful and usually manage to resolve any situation they are put in. Cast aside the worst-case scenarios and think about how much your child will grow as a person now that they have to completely fend for themselves. They will learn about themselves and the rest of the world, skills they can use to better their lives.

They Will Gain Independence

The kid who returns will be unrecognizable from the one who left home. Confident and independent, you will be grateful they went. The situations they find themselves in, they will have to deal with themselves. They will also be learning social skills and making new friends which will all add up to them gaining a much better sense of independence. One of the best hacks to make parenting easier is to teach independent thinking and resilience, travel can do just that. 

It Will Teach Them to Manage Their Money

When they are on their own, they’re going to have to manage their money. They won’t have you to fall back on when things get tough and they spend most of their budget on a night out. It might be a scary thought, but as we have said before, people are resourceful and they will find a way and they won’t do it again. If they are managing education debt, they can refinance their loans with a private lender to make repayment easier and provide more money for their travels. There is always a solution available so make your child aware of the options that they have regarding student loan repayments. 


Traveling brings with it a whole new world of opportunities that they will never have had access to before. It could be that they start to learn a new language or become interested in a career that they had never considered. They will also be constantly meeting people who could open new doors for them in the future. You want to give your children the best chance of making their lives a success in a way that makes them happy. Traveling will give them the chance to explore what they want to do. 

Better Perspective on Life

Being restricted in where you live and how you live can give a person a very narrow view of life. By seeing new cultures and standards of living, your child’s eyes will be opened. This will give them not only a better perspective on life but also make them appreciate what they do have. This new perspective could give them the drive and determination to make a success of their lives and also the need to help others.

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  1. I needed to read this. My 18 year old is starting to spread her wings and wants to travel. I can’t help but to worry. There is a lot to be learned from traveling at a young age.

  2. I loved that my parents took my sister and me traveling all over the US. It gave me the love of traveling.

  3. That’s got to be a scary moment , seeing your kid leave for a different country . It definitely teaches them to be independent and manage money . Wish I had of done more travelling .

  4. I think traveling can be a really positive and exciting experience! I have always encouraged my kids to travel and visit new, unique places.

  5. I agree that traveling can definitely be a great learning experience. I think it is important to explore different cultures and see the world from another perspective. It can make you more empathic and understanding by seeing how others live.

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