The Step2 All Around Wagon is feature rich!

Every year there is a few products that find their way to my door step that leave me feeling like, ‘Wow!’. The Step2 All Around Wagon was the first so far in 2013. I am no stranger to Step2 products including the wagon. In fact we have had the same red on for 4 years now and it has made it’s way through the youngest 3 of my seven children. However my now six year old decided to brand it last year with marker and I had already planned to upgrade it before summer. Then the offer to test the Step2 All Around Wagon came and I was secretly in glee!

Isn't it pretty!
Isn’t it pretty!

In my mind I was replacing my previous {wonderful memories} old faithful red with a new boy blue Step2 All Around Wagon. I was in for a surprise when I arrived home to find it all together *thanks to ‘the man’*. The All Around Wagon has so many new features and upgrades. I feel like we went from a Pento to a Lexus. Let’s get visual and show you what I mean.


Single handed push door opener. How cool is a kid wagon that has a door to get in and out of?!? It was super easy open too; even my 3 year old can navigate it with no problem. You will also notice how the step in is only a few inches. This makes it easier for those short legs to get in and out without issue.


The one thing I always say products and even my own car needs more of: cup holders! While you can see the 4 nicely placed at the inner floor of the wagon, there are two more {great for mom and dad} where the handle connects to the unit {see below}. Fancy and well thought through. Thanks Step2!


Long pull handle with full lift up and down ability. This is great when you have one short parent and one tall parent. It makes this wagon usable by both my 6’+ tall husband and my barely 5′ tall self. If you know much about improper portioned baby push/pull items like wagons, strollers, etc, you know that the hunch that some cause by being too short cause back pain. None of that here with the new Step2 All Around Wagon.


This baby goes 360 all the way! I can make a circle without having to stop, backup, pull forward. This extra makes not only strolls around the neighborhood easier but also if you on more bumpy, hilly terrain. The movable capabilities allow for more uses and options for the active parent.


Safety comes first! I don’t know about you, but no matter how good I think my child will be, they always do something they shouldn’t have. I can see me now walking down the sidewalk with my Elliot and him deciding to let himself out of the wagon while in motion. Guess you can image where that leads. Boom, fall, waaaaa. I will say that I am enjoying the buckle. Adjustable to fit snug around the waste and just the right amount of difficulty so that little hands cannot undo themselves. Now I may walk in peace!


Another feature I never thought of but can see the good use factor: positional seat bottoms. Both tan seats lift over to create a small table style piece. This makes snacking and playing on the goo easier for the single rider.


The one feature I never imagined I would see in a wagon but is of the grandest use in our active lifestyle. The hidden cubbie for storing extra things. This is great when you have two children who are riding at the same time or if you have things you want to keep out of little hand’s reach {example wallet, keys, phone}. You can also store snacks and drinks for later. This is great when going for a picnic at the park. You can toss diapers, wipes, sunblock and more in that wonderful compartment. No more carrying a baby bag along on my two hour journeys!

“Adventures await you and your child with the Step2 All Around Wagon.” So true. Though the adventure is just as much fun for mom and dad as it is kiddo! Just encase I left something out, this wagon features:

  • Large storage capacity
  • Two seats flip into a flatbed, seat or table to offer multiple usage options
  • Whisper Wheels offer a smooth, quiet ride
  • Easy-pull handle folds underneath for easy storage or transport
  • Six cup/snack holders for children and parents
  • Side door offers easy access
  • Includes seatbelts for safety
  • Dimensions: 20.75″D x 41.75″W x 39.5″H
  • Weight: 22.2 lbs.
  • Made in USA
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