Top 5 Family Friendly TV Shows Everyone Will Love

Top 5 Family Friendly T.V. Shows Everyone Will Love

If there’s one thing families share that never goes out of style, it’s their love of a good, family-friendly TV show. Utah satellite, through its cable and internet partners, are making these shows available 24/7. Here are 5 of the top TV family-friendly shows everybody loves:

The Neighbors

The Neighbors is a new spin on the classic alien-themed TV shows. This time around, the aliens live in a gated community and call themselves after famous sport celebrities. The aliens’ secretive existence, however, begins to change with the arrival of the Weavers who introduced them to the simple joys of music, the terrifying agony of spending Thanksgiving with the in-laws, the Desperate Housewives, and driving.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

The show was last seen in January 2012 but can be seen occasionally as a special over at ABC. Extreme Makeover Home Edition is a heart-warming show about small miracles. Less fortunate families go on vacation while their houses are given a makeover. The stories are always touching, human and full of hope. Grab a box of tissue while watching with the kids.

American Idol

Who doesn’t love American Idol? Never mind the feud between the judges, American Idol is the stuff American dreams are made of. It’s still the best way for untapped talents to be discovered. And you get to decide who will win with a simple vote. Even if your particular choice don’t win the big prize, there’s always the chance that he or she will still end up fabulous and famous with an Oscar win ala Jennifer Hudson. Sweet!

Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars is one of those guilty pleasures we occasionally indulge in without the fat. Past celebrities we knew when we were young try to recapture their youthful vibe by dancing the samba or pasa doble while we sit on our couches laughing at their lameness. But seriously, don’t we envy them as well? Kids don’t get our humor but they watch because, hey, everybody loves to dance, right?

Wipe Out

Laughter is not only the best medicine it is a great equalizer, especially when you’re watching 24 newbies each week get wracked, muddied, and water splashed as they try to tackle the Wipe Out course. We try not to laugh our heads off at each contestant’s misfortune but we just can’t help it. This show just turn our knees into jelly from laughing!

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