Ten Ways To Cool Down In Your Own Backyard


Stomp N’Splash

81afAvNu1hL._SL1500_Stomp on the water-filled pads and ambush your friends with a blast of water before they blast you! The Stomp N’Splash Blast Pad brings explosive water action into your backyard for nonstop summer fun!

Crocodile Isle Inflatable water Park with Dual Slides

711-ez+06yL._SL1500_Your kids can rappel up the climbing wall to reach a lookout platform where they can lounge about or zoom down the tail or the snout of the crocodile. Overhead sprayers rain down on each of these two curving slides for cool, wet fun as your kids zip down into the splash pool below. Add the optional play balls for even more fun. Kids have a blast and stay cool for hours as they climb, slide, race, and splash.

Banzai Shark Bite Water Slide

71LsWj48DzL._SL1500_Can you escape the shark bite? This Banzai water slide will provide hours of fun in the sun as your children delight in sliding past the shark’s head without getting a “bite”! Includes shark bite water slide, water divider, 2 water tubes, 2 ground stakes, and 1 repair patch.

Aqua Sports Inflatable Water Park

51Ufw-5VciL._SX425_The Banzai Aqua Sports Water Park is designed for basketball, volleyball and water polo play and features a curved water slide and a refreshing waterfall to offer even more fun in the water. Made of 100% PVC for durability, the water park inflates quickly for easy setup.

Wacky Splash Sprinkler

51komjV9GtLThe Banzai Wacky Splash Sprinkler is a giant inflatable ball that attaches to a hose. Silly sprinkler fun for all ages.

Tie-Not Water Balloon Filling Set

4191T+-E2BLTie-Not Filler. Patented design makes filling and tying water balloons fast, easy and fun. Two easy steps and you are ready to make a big SPLASH.

Play and Shade Pool

819jue7KSQL._SL1500_Fun for all at this toddler pool party. Includes two molded-in seats, umbrella and funnel cups and spinning wheel for endless sand fun.

24 Party Pack Mini Eliminator Foam Water Gun

71rcyXbM85L._SL1500_Launch & Splash. To absorb water pull back and push forward to shoot!

WaterWheel Activity Play Table

419XVk2qWbL._SX425_Falling water brings interactive excitement to play time! The WaterWheel play table includes boats, a waterwheel, and a cup for pouring, all in an elevated design that keeps children as clean as possible while still encouraging creative water play.

Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center


Center includes water slide, wading pool, water sprayer, ring toss game (with 4 inflatable rings). Also included is a water sprayer that attaches to garden hose to keep kids cool in summer.

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