What Not To Do After A Car Accident

You might think that behind the wheel you are in control. But even the best of drivers can’t always avoid accidents – they just happen, and they usually take you by surprise. So, you should be prepared for just such an unfortunate event and not to let your instincts, habits and emotions get the best of you.

Of course, some of your instincts are right: not panicking, calling the police and a law firm such as Motor Accident Legal Service are definitely on the to do list. But other, seemingly natural reactions might cause you more harm than good. Here us a list of things you should never do after a car accident. Avoiding them will save you a lot of trouble and money.

What Not To Do After A Car Accident

Don’t leave your car in the middle of the road

A car accident is not a crime scene (if there are no victims) and moving your car to the side of the road so as not to block the traffic is the right thing to do. If your car is still operational and it is safe to do so, move it to the side of the road and let other drivers continue without disturbances to the flow of traffic. Put the hazard warning lights on and if necessary you can put out cones or safety barriers to alert other drivers to your stationary vehicle. If you are wanting to build on your car safety kit, these guys have a good range here.

Don’t panic

Accidents are not something you can get used to (and if you do, maybe you should reconsider driving at all) and some emotions are bound to well up. But don’t let them overwhelm you and cloud your reason. Losing your temper will only aggravate what is an already a tense situation. Take a few deep breaths and stay calm.

Don’t apologize

Your mother probably taught you that it’s nice to say, I’m sorry. She forgot to mention not to do it when you’re involved in a car accident. Even if you think the accident was your fault, don’t admit guilt – you will gain nothing except for a high moral ground. Whether you’re guilty or not is for the insurance company and the police to decide, your task is to provide them with a truthful, precise description of the events.

Don’t settle

Taking the money offered by the other driver and forgetting about the whole unpleasant situation might seem like a tempting choice but it’s better that you don’t. The damage the other drivers is willing to pay for might be more serious than what it seems at first sight and it might be more feasible to get it covered by the insurance company. And the other way round – don’t offer to quickly pay off the other driver. Just because he took your money don’t mean he won’t report the accident and you’ll end up paying twice.

Don’t just fix it anywhere

Yes, living without a car is hard and you want your fixed as soon as possible. But be smart and avoid a rushed decision to repair your car in just any garage. It’s much better to wait, talk to your insurance provider and choose the place recommended by him for better service and a trustworthy guarantee.

Avoiding these few mistakes won’t make accident a pleasant experience but will definitely help you save some money and trouble. And remember – it could have been worse.

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