Tools to help my child Succeed! Teach My Toddler All-in-One Kit Review

Teach My, award-winning all-in-one learning kits for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

No need to spend hundreds of dollars going to stores buying individual teaching tools, Teach My learning kits provide everything necessary to teach your baby, teach your toddler and teach your preschooler!

Teach First Words, Teach the Alphabet, Teach Reading, Teach Numbers! Just 20 minutes a day with Teach My and your little one can master the basics!

What the Momma thinks…

We have been using the Teach My Toddler Kit with Elliot for about a week now. While in this short time I have noticed some minor improvements in his recognition of colors and numbers, I plan to continue to see more and more as we continue using the system.

Right now we are focused on colors and shapes mostly since he is still at the young end being only 19 months. The flash cards are quite useful in grabbing his attention and getting him to pair the word to the photo. He currently can know from sight the numbers 1 through 5 and is able to speak them fluently. He also know white and blue. Though I believe he does have knowledge of additional colors but is unable to say them well enough for me to understand his speech.

The Teach My Toddler All-In-One Kit comes in a handy carrying case for easy storage. Each of the learning activities are hands on and completed by you interacting with your child. Personally I love that there is no use of TV or electronics. I am a firm believer in getting back to our roots as parents and spending quality time teaching them all that they need to know to grow into outstanding adults.

I am happy to suggest the Teach My Kits including the Toddler All-In-One. With the schools requiring more and more from our children as they enter the kindergarten level, this is an excellent tool to help your child be prepared for the future and to succeed.

Teach My Toddler All-In-One Kit USA

Teach My Toddler is the multi award-winning all-in-one learning kit for toddlers 18 months to 3yrs. The kit is divided into four sections to teach your toddler – The Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes and Colors. Requiring no batteries or DVDs, the kit has an assortment of everything necessary to teach numbers, teach the alphabet and all of the basics. The kit contains fully-coordinated teaching tools; 5 puzzles, 4 board books, 4 posters and 4 sets of flashcards, all in one portable & storable carrying case.

Awarded Best Bet by The Canadian Toy Testing Council and Product of the Year by iParenting Media Awards, Teach My Toddler is a favorite toddler gift! Teach My Toddler encourages matching, which is a key pre-reading skill. The aim of Teach My Toddler is to give toddlers a head start and promote one-on-one time between toddlers and their parents, grandparents and caregivers.

Coordinated Value Pack Includes:

  • 4 Board Books
  • 4 Full-Size Posters
  • 5 Foam Puzzles
  • 50+ Flashcards
  • Teaching Guide
  • Storage Case

BUY IT: Purchase the Teach My Toddler All-In-One Kit USA from for $49.99.

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