Find It Games for the holidays! Starry Night Review

No matter what your age, gazing up at the night sky to search for the Big Dipper or a bright star and then finding it (!) is a thrill that never gets old. Sharing that experience with the next generation is an added bonus. Find It® Games, award-winning makers of cylinder hide-and-seek game play, brings the star search to a whole new dimension — and time of day — with the debut of star-shaped Starry Night.

This astronomical adventure starts with a custom three-dimensional container shaped like a star and filled with brightly colored pellets. Look closely, shake, and turn to find 40 out-of-this-world objects from Saturn to a satellite plus some very down-to-earth nighttime items from a sleeping bag to a mug of cocoa. Turn out the lights and be amazed as many of the items glow-in-the-dark for a rousing game. Like all Find It Games, a handy score pad listing all searchable items is enclosed for players to check off as they find it.

Created for “kids” 8 to 98, a keen eye is all you need to have a blast with this go-anywhere game. The contained adventure is ideal for making memories with grandchildren, quieting fidgety youngsters in the backseat or enjoying solo when a little brain teasing is warranted. With this game, stargazing can happen after breakfast or on a rainy day. The glow-in-the-dark pieces make a darkened room or nighttime play a little more enticing but less scary.

Starry Night • $22 • Ages 8+

Star light, star bright, first thing I find tonight … will it be the moon? An astronaut? Maybe a flying saucer! Look closely into a custom star-shaped container to discover 40 items nestled among the brightly colored pellets. Future astronomers will love all the richly detailed items inside; parents and teachers will love the “learn as you play” element. Shapes to find include planets, an alien, a telescope and even night vision goggles!

What the momma thinks…

I wasn’t sure at first how well my daughters would like Starry Night but I knew it would be something even my husband and myself would grab to help pass the time. It is really amazing how something like one of the Find It Games can help get your mind off things and sharpen your mental skills. In fact Starry Night is kept on my office desk and used more often than you would think.

My oldest who is almost 8, Aryka, took to this game as well. She likes using the pad to locate each of the items though this activity can be frustrating and can take a great deal of time to complete each one. Normally after about 30-45 minutes, she comes to us with the help me eyes (which of course work every time). Now that I think about it Starry Night is really a great way to spend quality time working with your child to sold a puzzle or sorts.

The Starry Night Game is a decent size, hard plastic star that contains blue and white pellets along with the pieces/shapes that you need to find inside. The easiest way we found to locate then is by gently tilting the star back and forth, thus moving the pellets out of the way to reveal the hidden items. Some are larger and more distinct than others and some are hard to find. So look closely and have all sorts of fun finding new things along the way.

BUY IT: Starry Night is available from and other shops where Find It Games are sold.

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