UncommonGoods Periodic Table Building Blocks Review

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What the Momma thinks…

When you think wooden blocks, the first thing that comes to mind is the ABCs. While I think that is great, we prefer to step things up a notch and went with the Periodic Table Building Blocks set. We are raising a genius in the making of course (but aren’t we all). On a more serious note, my husband loves all things scientific and personally selected these for our son. That says a lot when he takes the time to find something online and leave me a little note saying, “Buy for Elliot this Christmas!”

Since these will be found under our tree this year, I cannot tell you how well my toddler liked them. I am sure he will build great structures and start reciting the periodic table in no time. What I can say is during my inspection (and mommy playtime) I noticed their sound structure and firm weight. These are just the right size for little hands and the colorful nature will definitely keep my son’s attention. All in all I am very fond of this set and highly suggest them for little people ages 2+.

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Perfect for the young scientist, these cubes are literal building blocks for an education in chemistry. The set includes 20 brightly colored blocks that contain the entire periodic table. The six sides contain a unique element’s name, atomic number and symbol in bright blue, purple, green, red, orange or pink. Handmade in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  • Item ID: 20954
  • Materials: basswood
  • Each of the 20 Blocks: 1.75″ cube; Packaged: 8.75″ L x 7″ W x 1.75″ H
  • Ages 2 and up.

BUY IT: Purchase the Periodic Table Building Blocks for $40 from http://www.uncommongoods.com.

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