Check List for Beautifully Decorating your Home for the Holidays

Most likely, more friends and family will come to your house during the holiday season than any other time of year. For some, this may be the only time they see your beautiful home, so in order to assure that your home is holiday-ready, you might want to do a walk-through to see that no important area of your home has been overlooked. A check list for areas to decorate could include some of the following places and ideas.

Begin outside

Start your holiday decorating check list outside of your house. The walkway, front porch and most definitely your front door should be decorated with bows, lights and a holiday wreath or door decoration of some type, just don’t forget to hang the mistletoe. You might also want to add some holiday decorations to an arbor, gazebo, small trees or other landscaping features.

Dining Room

The decorations in your dining room should include a centerpiece for the table, you can take an empty apothecary jar and fill it with colorful ornaments, white candles wrapped in festive ribbon, or a homemade feather wreath lying flat with a bowl of fruit or ornaments in it, just let your imagination run away! You might want to add a matching arrangement to the sideboard table, but being simplistic can be impressive and dramatic.


It is highly likely that some of your guest will find their way to the kitchen, and a festive counter top display will show everyone that attention to detail matters to you even in a room where lots of work goes on. Set out a three-tier platter with pretzels, dried fruit and pieces of chocolate, and surrounding that with festive drink selections such as champagne or sparkling apple cider will do.
Set out your kids’ knickknacks that they’re made over the years, display them proudly on a shelf alongside the store bought décor, it will add a personal touch.


Add some holiday decor to the guest bathroom. You can do this with decorative soap, rugs, towels, candles and even the addition of holiday themed wall art, and add a cinnamon or clove scented room plug-in for a lovely scent- as opposed to the alternative.

Guest Bedroom

If you have overnight guests during the holidays, you will want to decorate the guest bedroom. You can make this room festive by including holiday themed bedding and pillows, nothing tacky, ad again, a warm and light Christmas scent to greet them. Decorate the top of the dresser with greenery and candles or some type of holiday décor, and if you’re feeling super fancy, place a holiday gift basket in the room for your guest.

Living Room

You know everyone will gather in this room so you want it to be decorated in a way that reflects your idea of how the holiday should be celebrated. A fireplace in a room is usually the focal point of the room. However, a beautifully decorate tree may temporarily become the focal point, just be sure to decorate the two so that they complement rather than compete with each other. The amount and style of decorations you include in this room is strictly a matter of personal taste.

To achieve a cohesive holiday decor, select a theme that you can use throughout your house. A decorative balance between festive and relaxing is ideal for the holiday season.

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Melisa Cammack has been freelance writing for a number of years, married for 13 years, mother for seven years, and is the biggest Christmas enthusiast on this side of the equator.
Melisa is currently promoting Five Star Holiday Décor and Christmas Lighting in Charlotte, and would like to wish everyone a beautiful and happy holiday season!

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