Celebrating Your Child’s First Year

The first year of your child’s life will be full of many exciting experiences.  It may seem like every day brings a new milestone.  And while your child is getting bigger and learning new things every day, every parent deserves a reward for surviving all the nights spent awake when sleep was much needed, changing all the nasty diapers and wiping up all the throw up.  Make sure your child’s first birthday party is an experience that gives everyone a chance to celebrate – especially the two people who have worked so hard to keep your child thriving for the entire year – the parents.

Planning A Successful Party

Planning a party may seem like a simple thing.  Pick a theme, order decorations and a cake, and wrap presents.  But there are many small details that can be overlooked and can ruin the party for you.  By following a checklist, you can ensure that you are prepared for every detail of your child’s 1st birthday party.

Remember the attention span.  Don’t try to plan a birthday party that lasts for several hours and is filled with activities.  Remember that your baby is just turning one, and their attention span won’t lengthen for their birthday party.  Also remember the guests you will be inviting and their current ages – they may not be interested in a party that lasts longer than an hour or so.

Avoid choking hazards.  Remember when choosing a theme, decorations and party supplies that your house will be filled with young children, many who will not understand what things should not go in their mouths.  All small decorations should be kept up high, and remember that balloons will pop and often end up in the mouth of a baby or toddler.  Try to decorate with items that are interesting to toddlers without being dangerous.

Get your pictures before the party.  Trying to capture each aspect of the party can become incredibly difficult once it has started.  The decorations, presents and cake may quickly be destroyed, and adding the stress of trying to get the perfect picture will make the party less fun for the parents.  Take your pictures before the party in order to ensure that you get the shots you want and that you document this important event.

Give your baby down time.  Keep in mind that even though a birthday is an exciting occasion for you, your baby may feel overwhelmed with all the attention.  Make sure to give your baby time to recover between each activity, and don’t expect too much out of them.  Everyone, especially the guest of honor, can enjoy a party that is relaxed.


Planning An Enjoyable Party For Everyone

Don’t expect too much of yourself or of anyone else involved.  Make sure to keep the party low-key and be ready to go with the flow.  A party that is too structured or full of too many activities can seem stressful and overwhelming to all of your guests.  By planning ahead and being ready for anything, you can ensure that your party flows smoothly and that you can relax and enjoy this momentous occasion for your baby.

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