Chaheati for the holidays! All-Season Heated Chair Review & Giveaway

Chaheati was developed from an important observation I made on a cold November night sitting around a bonfire. On this particular night everyone (more so my wife) was warm and toasty on the front half of their bodies and a block of ice on the back half. While watching my wife’s comical frustrations from repeatedly sitting, standing, and turning like a turkey on a rotisserie to warm up, I thought, “There has to be an easier, more comfortable way for everyone to have a good time.” I supposed that with today’s technology there should exist a heated camp chair.

After much research and more frustration we found nothing. Both my wife and I agreed that a heated chair would make a great product for hunters, campers, tailgaters, RVer’s, soccer moms, and football fans of all types. And thus the Chaheati was born!

Chaheati is not just a cold-weather chair; it’s a comfortable and durable waterproof chair for all seasons! Chaheati provides a four-temperature heating system that will heat both the back and the seat of the chair for up to six hours at temperatures ranging from 98 to 145°F. The heating system also features a very compact, light-weight, fully-rechargeable lithium-ion battery running at 7.4 volts and just 2 amps. This 9 oz. battery can also be quickly charged in your car to keep you warm even longer.

So if you find yourself at an outdoor event and feeling either a little chilly or just downright freezing, the Chaheati makes the perfect companion. Need some heat? Have a seat with Chaheati! Believe me: you’ll warm up to it.


Chaheati All-Season Heated Chair

Stay outdoors longer, doing what you love, with the Chaheati™ All-Season Heated Chair.

The Chaheati™ is cordless, lightweight and collapsible so you can take it anywhere. Its rechargeable heating system has four settings and provides up to six hours of heat. Now there’s no reason to pack it in early when the weather turns cool outside – just grab some heat with Chaheati!

  • Four Temperature Settings: The Chaheati is simple to operate and warms you up fast. A four temp battery provides temperatures from 100 Degrees for (6 hrs), 115 (4 hrs), 130 (3 hrs) and 140 (2 hrs). Perfect for a cool spring evening, late-season tailgate party, or your kid’s’ sporting event.
  • Rechargeable Battery: The Chaheati’s lightweight and energy-packed 7.4 volt lithium-ion battery is easy to use and charge. It can even be recharged in your car when you are on the go.

What the Momma Thinks….

Just because the cooler temperatures are here does not mean that our outdoor activities stop. In fact we still camp, watch sports and can host a party right along with the best of them this time of year. With the Chaheati my bum a little warmer while doing it.

The Chaheati may look like your typical outdoor chair and even folds up and stores in a slim bag just the same but it is so much more. It’s the only heated camping chair on the market that uses a woven heating technology (patent pending) rather than coils, and a tidy lithium-ion rechargeable battery that lasts for hours. You can even purchase a replacement battery for those of you who plan to need more than just a few hours of toasty comfort.

The chair itself is very comfortable and generously sized. Both my husband who is 6 feet and heathy and myself whom is plus sized, fit comfortably when sitting. This is a big improvement over many camping style chairs that we own. No need to reposition over and over.

The Chaheati All-Season Heated Chair warms from the bum to the back keeping us warm even on cold evenings. I could even see myself having a few for star-gazing nights during the Iowa winter. This would make an excellent gift idea for sport enthusiasts, outdoor lovers and even a college student.

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Chaheati is sending one Mom to Bed by 8 reader an All-Season Heated Chair this holiday season!


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