Teton Sports for the holidays! Mammoth 0-Degree Sleeping Bag Review & Giveaway

The TETON Sports story is pretty simple. The company was started in 2005 in Utah with a very long not-to-do list as opposed to the traditional to-do list. We do just a few things, but we try hard to do them well. We have only a handful of customers, but we do big business with the few we have. We like to partner with the best retailers in the business.
We have a simple business model with very low overhead. It allows us to overbuild product and still be priced competitively. That’s why we get the kind of reviews we get. And then of course it just feeds on itself.
The last piece of the puzzle is customer service. We’ll do nearly anything to keep the customer happy. Happy customers talk a lot and we like that kind of talk.

Teton Sports Mammoth 0-Degree Sleeping Bag

Teton Sports Mammoth 0-Degree Sleeping Bag is the perfect bag for any family outing, the Teton Mammoth bag is comfortable, warm, and large enough to accommodate almost any camper–and sometimes even two or three. The Mammoth sports a soft cotton flannel lining with a temperature rating of 0 degrees F, helping campers stay cozy in almost any family camping locale. The bag’s shoulder baffle and pair of full-length zipper draft tubes, meanwhile, help keep warmth in and cold out, a must on chilly fall evenings. And campers who really want to insulate will delight in the adjustable mummy hood, which pulls down tight for extra warmth.

But the real attention-getter is the Mammoth’s massive size, which can comfortably hold a pair of adults plus one small child, or as many as four young children at once. The large sleeping pocket makes this bag ideal for family trips to the beach, backyard sleepovers, and a ton of other people-intensive situations. Plus, should campers need to get out of the bag without disturbing their partners, they can simply use the full-length zipper on either side to make a quick exit.

Other features include internal storage pockets on both sides for holding keys, wallets, and other valuables and an Oxford nylon compression sack that makes the Mammoth easy to transport and store. The Mammoth measures 94 inches long by 62 inches wide and weighs 17 pounds. It’s also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

What the Momma thinks….

When it comes to camping on a cool (or downright cold) evening, there is nothing better than being able to snuggle up to someone you love. I can do just that in the Mammoth Sleeping Bag. This one bag is about the size of 3 standard sleeping bags tied together. It will fit all four of my children at once. My hubby, I and my toddler can also all lay together comfortably together as well.

You will also find a zipper on both sides. This features keeps my family from crawling over one another as they need to get in and out of the sleeping bag. The zipper is well added. You will be hard pressed to rip or bend this one.  The bag is 17 pounds, so not a big deal to carry to your site but it is heavier than your average single of course.

If its massive size is not enough to make you drool, the surprising comfort will. This is fluffy, plush and everything a city girl would want in a camping bag. Once out of the bag, a few good shakes will bring on the plush and I feel right at home. It nearly reminds me of a goose down mattress cover. If you have had one, you know that it really changes the softness of your sleep area and to have that while camping is pretty amazing.

One the warmth level, I haven’t got to test it other than outside on our deck. Even then it was in the 20s and ended up pretty toasty after about 30 minutes of star-gazing. I wouldn’t blink an eye taking this out with us on our next outdoor adventure. In fact I wouldn’t leave home without it.

BUY IT: Purchase the Teton Sports Mammoth 0-Degree Sleeping Bag from Amazon.com.


Teton Sports is sending one Mom to Bed by 8 reader Celsius Regular 0-Degree Sleeping Bag this holiday season!


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