Broading my physical horizons while having a little family fun #Heelys

I never thought it was possible, but yes, this momma can still get her skate on. Thanks to Heelys and their fabulous adult skate shoes, I am able to roll the sidewalk right along with my kids.

Until a few months ago I did not even realize that Heelys produced shoes sizes that would fit an adult. I have been well versed in shopping for these for my children as my teenagers asked for them for Christmas three years ago I believe and it has just grown from there. In fact now all but my youngest daughter and son own a pair of these. I will say that I was glad to see the same hip but classic design in the adult sizes that you see in most of the kids.

I selected the Wave style for myself on my last shopping trip. I really like the white leather look and black trim. I can easily pair these with short and jeans. So far I have notice little wear on the inner lining after 3 weeks of use. Sadly though since I was just learning to use the Heelys skate system, I did end up scuffing the sides a good deal. So if you are a newbie I suggest going with a color other than white. You should also checking out their skate 101 tutorial to help get you started.

All in all I have no complaints. I would like to see them separate the male and female designs at some point. I have noticed with this unisex style it tends to fit a little differently than tennis styles I would buy created for women only. Though I am not sure this will be a big concern for many shopping this style of sportswear.

As we near the holiday season, I do suggest giving them a peek. I even have a few teens and college friends in mind that would most definitely use the heck out of these. It is always great to give a gift they really do like during that time of year.

BUY IT: You can purchase Heelys Wave directly from for $60.00.

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