Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro Review

The Touro Mobile Pro is part of Hitachi’s first all-in-one USB 3.0 external storage product family that gives users a super easy-to-use backup app, including cloud backup. This sleek device is perfect for the style-conscious but also delivers two levels of protection and access – local backup and cloud storage – so that users can transport and store photos, music, videos and documents from anywhere, anytime.

So what is Touro?

  • Two levels of protection with local and cloud backup
  • Fastest read and write speeds with Fast USB 3.0 and Fast 7200RPMs
  • Remote access to cloud backup with smart phone or computer browser
  • Free 3GB cloud backup; Upgrade to paid account and receive 250GB of cloud storage along with iPad and iPhone mobile digital device apps


The physical appearance of the TOURO MOBILE PRO from HITACHI is a sleek black casing with a silver banding around the thin sides. It has an almost iPhone appearance. In fact, this device functions with iPhone and iPad apps.

This mobile device functions exactly as you would expect with 3.0 USB and 7200RPM 500GB Hard drive. Getting the mobile hard drive up and running was easy and fast. All of the necessary software was pre-installed and functioned flawlessly on Windows 7. Anyone would expect a hard drive these days to work similiarly. The free 3GB of cloud storage is what sets it apart. I was able to get that running with little effort. The user interface could be slightly more user friendly. Once I got past the initial point of learning how to save and share, the cloud experience offered by this hard drive is exciting. I was quickly able to save a picture to the cloud and send it as a text through Google Chrome and email it from the Hitachi GST website. The cloud interface gives you options of password protecting your shared files or just simply copying and pasting a link. It is actually very nice and requires little effort.

The backup funcionality of this mobile 500GB hard drive work flawlessly as well. Within minutes of plugging the USB cable into my PC, I had a working backup ready to go. You are given the option of setting up a scheduled daily backup. Setting up cloud backup was quick and easy as well. It is as easy as setting up an account and choosing a folder on your local system to backup onto the cloud. From there you can search out files with search option or you can browse through all of the files or directories you have chosen to save. You can effortlessly share or delete files simply by scrolling over them and selecting your option. HITACHI offeres an option to upgrade the free 3GB to 250GB for $50 a year.

As a whole, I would highly recommend this device. Its physical appearance is perfect for what it is and its functionality is perfect. Really, the only downfall I see is that there is not a working Android App in the marketplace yet.

BUY IT: You can purchase the Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro 500 GB available online at, and

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