Leap Frog Interactive High Chair Review

When it comes to babyfeeding products the Leap Frog Interactive High Chair really offers something special. With it’s sturdy wood design and ability to go from eat to play with ease, I give it 4 out of 5 stars!

This is the first ever Interactive Leapfrog Baby High Chair, designed to Entertain & Educate when meals are being prepared.

The Leapfrog touch sensitive, liquid resistant tray can easily be removed just before the dishwasher safe tray slides in. When meal time is over, the trays can be switched, or the third tray can be completely removed so your child can join the family at the table.

The Alpha chair has an appealing charm that will easily enhance your home decor. It comes finished in a variety of stains and is constructed of solid European beech wood for a durable design.

The Alpha chair is recommended for children 6 months all the way up to 10 years of age. The footrest and seat can be adjusted to a variety of positions so the Alpha chair can grow with your family.

The build was as fustrating as putting together most wooden creations piece by piece out of a manufactor’s box. The tight fitting pieces may have racked my husband’s nerves but it was well worth the effort knowing that it offers a safer product that does not allow for holes, cracks or seams. To me this meant nothing that my El’ could get hurt on no matter how many times he crawled up and down and through the LeapFrog High Chair.

My little guy spends more time playing with the interactive drum style chair insert rather than eating. Honestly though isn’t that what young toddlers do at the table, play and eat and play some more? Of course, they do and that is what helps push this product up into the winner circle for me.


  • Three tray design: removable tray, dishwasher safe tray (ideal for messy eating) and the interactive tray
  • Solid beech wood design: This makes this seating not only usable for my baby but my 7 year can also use it as well (tested for up to 10 years of age)
  • Machine Washable cloth seating: If your home is anything like mine, you wish you could toss the entire house in the washing machine at least once a week. This piece is easy to take off with Velcro attachments. Then simply toss in the washer and dry (low or no heat is my suggestion).


  • Does not fold up for storage
  • The dishwasher safe tray and interactive tray can not be stacked on top of each other. So I always have one sitting on the table or in the closet when the other is being used.
  • Only available in white

Would I buy this product? Yes! I could see myself redecorating my kitchen to a fabulous retro look and adding this sleek white chair to the mix. At this moment we have stripped it down to just the wooden base and use it daily for seating for our children in our dining area. It looks great even without the extras that my baby loves so dearly.

BUY IT: The Leap Frog Interactive High Chair is available from Amazon.com and Target online. You can also find Grand Touring Baby products instores at a select number of retailers in the US and Canada.

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