Oragenics’ EvoraPlus Probiotic Mint Review

I stress over my personal oral care routine more than most I know. This is partly because in my twenties I did terrible things like smoke and consumed excess amounts of soda products without even thinking twice about long term effects. Well as you can imagine I regret these activities and work extremely hard to repair the damage whenever possible. One of the ways I do this is with Oragenics’ EvoraPlus.

EvoraPlus® is a unique probiotic mint that contains the patented beneficial bacteria blend, ProBiora3®. EvoraPlus® represents a whole new level of oral care, one in which good oral health is supported and maintained with good bacteria – just the way nature intended.

EvoraPlus® is a revolutionary new application of probiotics, which have traditionally been used to support digestive and immune health. EvoraPlus® is the first probiotic mint specifically designed for complete oral care. This all-in-one product supports gum and tooth health and naturally freshens breath while gently whitening teeth.

Research has shown that of the hundreds of strains of bacteria found in the human mouth, only a few are known to cause harm to the teeth and gums, and a few more are known to help maintain oral health. Many situations – including eating a diet high in sugar and other processed carbohydrates – cause these oral bacteria to become out of balance. After we eat sugars and processed carbohydrates, the harmful bacteria convert the carbohydrates and create the by-product lactic acid, which erodes the tooth’s protective enamel and affects the dentin within the tooth.

Daily use of EvoraPlus® is a fast, easy and effective way to naturally promote oral health and economically replace mouthwashes, tooth whiteners and breath fresheners.

Within 30 days of using EvoraPlus® once daily, the natural healthy oral balance of good bacteria will be improved and you will begin to notice a whiter, brighter smile and long-lasting fresh breath.

For me EvoraPlus is a easy to use daily solution to help increase the health of my teeth and gums. Since it is a chewable, I will grab it along with my morning routine, pop it in my mouth and chew away while brushing my hair.

To be honest we started using EvoraPlus almost a year ago and after about three month I forgot to add it to my shopping list and eventually we stopped the routine all together. Now that we have spend another 21 days using this probiotic mint, I have a strong urge to continue the daily use much longer. I do see minor results even after three weeks alone including breath smell and overall saliva taste. I can also say that I have had no gum bleeding at all during brushing in the last 9 days which is exciting. Overall Oragenics’ EvoraPlus works especially if you stick with it.

BUY IT: Purchase EvoraPlus online from http://www.oragenics.com/ and in-stores at retailers nationwide including Walgreens.

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