Neat-Oh! ZipBin Train Depot Play Set Review

Could messiness be the mother of invention? ZipBin® storage originated when my inventive 10-year-old son, Max, and I put our heads together for some true “out-of-the-box” problem solving. Like many boys, Max loves plastic building blocks. And he likes to dump them on the floor-CRASHHH!! Of course, I loved to see Max play, but I groaned when I heard that loud mess of blocks spilling everywhere. Neither Max nor I liked cleaning up all those little pieces.

Inspired by our problem, we thought creatively about how to solve it until… what if Max’s toy bin unzipped to a play mat and zipped back up, capturing his toys? That would take the work out of having fun. It would be neat! And that’s the name we chose for the company – Neat-Oh!® – that would introduce ZipBin® storage to the world.

ZipBin Train Depot Play Set

What’s the best soft sided storage for your fantasy theme world? This soft-sided, portable roundhouse opens to become a small village surrounded by train tracks with the same gauge as all popular wooden trains. The town, which borders farmland, includes several buildings, roadways and a construction zone. The ZipBin® Train Depot Playset is perfect for car and train enthusiasts. Includes two trains and every excuse to play conductor! When it’s time to refuel, take the trains back to the yard to stock up on coal and get ready for another day of travel.

What the momma thinks….

The ZipBin® Train Depot Play Set is our third owned Neat-Oh! product and I am happy to say, it stands up to the test of the roughest, toughest toddler in our world, Elliot. My little man can be ill-mannered and hard on every toy that he touches. While I would like to think it is the early beginnings of terrible two, be there no mercy for anyone’s things when he is in tantrum mode.

I presented him with the ZipBin Train Depot Play Set on one of his off days and while he was stingy and rude about photo time, he stuck by this set like glue, loving every minute of playtime. When zipped up as a handy carrying case, we went for a ride on his wheely tiger around the house and back again. When opened her rummed the train around the tracks and scoffed everytime he pulled the magnetic trains apart. He has so much fun and so did I watching him play.

The ZipBin Train Depot Play Set just like all of the Neat-Oh! products we own are amazing quality. The zippers are built strong and last well for more than a year so far of continued play. The wipe off surfaces are my favorite part. No matter if it is chocolate or juice, off it comes with a swipe of a damp cloth. I also am very fond of the carrying case style when zipped up. This allows my children to store additional pieces when not playing or when traveling from place to place. It is a lifesaver when heading to grandma’s house.


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