Tonka Chuck & Friends Flip The Bounce Back Racer Review

Hit the road with the TONKA CHUCK & FRIENDS FLIP THE BOUNCE BACK RACER vehicle. This colorful remote control car drives on both sides for double the speed-racing action. Use the controller to make the Flip The Bounce Back Racer vehicle zoom around the floor as a speedy race car. Turn the car over to become a stunt truck ready for more adventure. Flip The Bounce Back Racer also comes with over 20 phrases and sound effects.

Two Cars in One for Double the Racing Fun

  • Flip The Bounce Back Racer vehicle is ready to race to adventure with you and his TONKA friends. His two-in-one design gives you lots of options for fast-driving fun. Turn him blue-side up for a speedy racing car, or green-side up for an awesome action stunt truck. Whether he’s zooming along with Tonka Chuck toys or performing tricks with you, Flip The Bounce Back Racer can’t wait to show off his moves. Tonka Chuck products and other RC cars sold separately.

Over 20 Phrases and Sounds

  • Flip The Bounce Back Racer has over 20 phrases and exciting sounds that you can enjoy as you let him race around the house. When it’s time to take things to the next level, Flip The Bounce Back Racer tells you to “flip into stunt mode” so you can go from car to truck and start your stunts.

What the Momma thinks…

Flip The Bounce Back Racer is the ideal first remote control car for older toddlers and up. Best suited for ages 3 to 6, this guy back a whole lot of racing fun. First off the Bounce Back Racer is cordless controlled by a remote that has one single button that can easily pushed down on one side to go front and the other side down to reverse. The simplicity of control is what makes this a winner for younger players.

Flip is Tonka tough and built for running into wall and prepared for those unimaginable flight of stair tumbles. Our racer has been through it all in the last two weeks. Another features that is very cool is when the player (in our case my 5 year old) runs Flip into the wall or the fridge or a door, he somewhat starts to drive upwards on the surfaces and then bounces back to reveals his other side and continues racing on without stopping.

Though if you find this not enough, the Flip the Bounce Back Racer offers more with over 20 phrases and sound effects to keep our kiddos entertained. While this appears in the #4 top toy list for toddler boys, I highly suggest stocking up on batteries as this will be a well-played with item in your home.

BUY IT: Purchase Flip The Bounce Back Racer from, and in stores where toys are sold.

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