Ward way those bedtime fears with P’JAMERZ!

As any parent knows, nightmares are a part of any child growing up. Most children have bad dreams at some point in time. These bad dreams can make a child develop a fear of going to sleep. The lack of sleep for the child leads to lack of sleep for their parents and before you know it everyone is cranky and unhappy. Lack of sleep can affect your child’s health and focus as well as your own.


When your child is afraid to go to sleep, bedtime becomes a struggle and as a parent, you feel helpless because no matter how badly you want to protect your child, you can’t control their dreams. Thanks to a new toy called P’JAMERZ, you can now help your child learn to cope with their bad dreams and get past their fears. I received a P’JAMERZ to review but before I do, let me tell you a little bit about them.


In the kingdom of Dreamworld, where you go when you fall asleep, you can be anything you want to be and do anything you want to do. Dreamworld is guarded by the enchanted fairies but there is this evil guy, Knightmare, and his army of fear and they want to destroy everything good in Dreamworld. The enchanted fairies fight to defeat Knightmare and the army of fear and they need the children of the world to help them save Dreamworld. They say only children with the purest of hearts and the truest of imaginations will be chosen to be the heroes of Dreamworld.

Four dreamers were given magical animal powers so that they can help the enchanted fairies. These dreamers were chosen to be the magical dream knights and they are called P’JAMERZ. The P’JAMERZ are Archie the lion, Tommy the frog, Karis the bear and Jia the eagle.


Archie is the brave lion. He is the leader of the P’JAMERZ. He is energetic and has a big heart. He is ready to take on anything! Tommy is the quick frog. He is the smartest and the most resourceful. He has learned to do a lot more with his powers than the other P’JAMERZ. Karis is the strong bear. She has the biggest heart of all and she is always willing to help others. Especially when they aren’t strong enough to help themselves.  Jia is the swift eagle. She looks at the group as a family and keeps them working as a team. She is the calmest of them all and she is always looking at the bigger picture.

The P’JAMERZ are plush toys that were made for children to help them face their bad dreams and fears. Each of the P’JAMERZ come with an interactive storybook to help kids get to sleep and make it through the night without having a nightmare. If they do have a nightmare they wake up knowing that their P’JAMERZ  is there to help them defeat the evil “Knightmare” in their dreams and they don’t need to be afraid anymore.


When our P’JAMERZ plush toy arrived, I immediately noticed how cute it is. I mean, this toy is seriously adorable. My youngest loved it and grabbed it right away to give it a hug. They have these cute little smiling faces that are just irresistible! My little one has nightmares so I explained that the P’JAMERZ was here to help get rid of those bad dreams. We read the storybook together and talked some more about nightmares not being real. I really think the story helped give my child a braver attitude and feel like those bad dreams were finally beatable.

Now, of course the nightmares didn’t just stop like magic, but I did notice that in just a couple of nights my child didn’t have that sense of fear when bedtime approached. Getting settled and ready to say goodnight wasn’t a battle anymore. I noticed a confidence in my child that I hadn’t seen in a while. When my child had a bad dream there was now a way to cope and a “partner” to help fight the battle. I really think that having a P’JAMERZ toy has helped my child in a way that nothing else could. It actually can empower a child and make them feel strong and ready to face and conquer their fears.

We really love our P’JAMERZ  and I think every child, especially one who suffers with nightmares, should have one. Kids sometimes need a little confidence boost and P’JAMERZ gives them that boost. As adults, confidence is necessary to stand up to the things we fear and overcome them. The same thing applies to kids. The P’JAMERZ are special friends that remind your child that they are strong, brave and have been chosen to help defeat the evil Knightmare. Get one for your own child or to give as a special gift to child who may need one. You may be amazed at how much it can help!

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