A new way to play, Fisher Price Little People Photo Discovery Game

Fisher Price toys have always played a part in my kid’s lives and their growth and development. They always seem to nail it when it comes to toys that provide good, clean fun for your kids that help with their growth, development of motor skills and coordination at the same time. I love the attention to detail, the bold bright colors, the modern look and the high quality that we have come to know and love through the years. We were given the chance to try the Fisher Price Little People Photo Discovery Game and I have to say, I was just as happy as my kids were to take the opportunity.


When the Fisher Price Little People Photo Discovery Game got here, you know that we played it immediately, right? The kids and I couldn’t wait and since it is educational, I said “hey, why not?” So we got the game out and I noticed the quality and bright colors of the pieces and the Discovery Camera. The camera is brightly colored and perfect for little fingers to hold on to. The game is made for ages three to five and it’s a matching game that little ones will enjoy. I played with my two youngest and we had a really good time. I haven’t seen a game like this for younger kids. There are lots of matching games out there but none have the same concept as this one. My kids love animals and taking pictures with my camera so this game is right up their alley.

The object of the Fisher Price Little People Photo Discovery Game is to be the first to fill your picture frame with pictures they take with the Discovery Camera. It comes with the Discovery Camera, a spinner, 20 photo slides and 4 frames. The game has different animals and features the Fisher Price Little People that we all know and love. While your child has a blast playing the game they are developing their memory, concentration, focus and other vital skills. It has two different levels so that it will grow with your child as they get older. It’s already affordable but I love that it will be age appropriate for a few years for my kids. I know I can count on it lasting that long because it carries the Fisher Price name.

Fisher Price Little People Photo Discovery Game in play

I noticed that my kids played this game a few times back to back the first day, which was a little surprising because they tend to get a bit bored with some games and only play them once in a while after we get them. The Fisher Price Little People Photo Discovery Game has been played every day since we received it. They say it’s their favorite game and I love that at the same time it promotes memory and other skills, it also promotes quality family time for us. I love seeing them laugh and smile while we play and they “take pictures” with the Discovery Camera. This game is fun for all of us.

I would definitely suggest this game if you have any kids ages three to five. It also makes the perfect gift and is very affordably priced. If you want to feel confident that you are giving your child a high quality toy from a reputable company that promotes learning and the development and growth of all children, the Fisher Price Little People Photo Discovery Game is exactly what you are looking for.

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