Updating your Kid’s Bedroom from Child to Teen

Young children are fairly easy to please when it comes to bedroom decor but overtime, their room becomes more personal to them and pretty soon, they’re on the lookout for a drastic change. It can be tricky to keep up with the trends and styles your kids are into but it’s easy to find a versatile look they can agree upon and stick with until they fly the nest. Give your kid’s bedroom the right foundations and their grown-up makeover should stand the test of time – even if their toys or boy band crushes don’t.

Teen Bedroom


As girls enter the teen phase, they are starting to embrace an entirely new identity and for many, this means removing all traces of gaudy colors from the walls and drapes. Teen girls will still want their rooms to reflect femininity but in a more subtle way, such as replacing bold block colors with softer shades and patterns here and there that are to their liking.

Patterned drapes and wallpaper keep things youthful without appearing childish and a simple pastel or duo-tone color scheme is versatile enough to see your daughter through the years. Pops of color can always be added with the temporary fixtures and fittings that adorn a girl’s room such as bed sheets, storage boxes and picture frames. Discuss interior styles with your daughter to ensure you introduce the right changes. A shabby chic mirror or rustic corner chair, for example is a great way to update and add a grown-up touch.

modern boys bedroom


Regardless of age, boys like their bedroom to feel like a den and their own personal hideaway so it’s important to not be overly fussy with the new furnishings. Keep things low-key, decorating only with functional pieces such as storage stations and desk tidies for their student years. The best thing you can do is to create a flexible living space they can both work and play in comfortably

Boys have fairly simple tastes anyway so making the transition from a boy’s room to a young man’s room needn’t be a struggle. Again, keep things simple and replace cartoonish figures and characters with simple colors on bed sheets and walls.

Accommodate their growing tastes with neutral looks that allow them to experiment as their personality’s blossom. If you need a little decor inspiration, The French Bedroom Company is ideal – brimming with stylish and elegant furniture designs, each piece of which has a timeless quality so that you can win round even the most stubborn of tastes in your growing kids.

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