Remodeling your Bedroom? Consider the Leading Design Trends for 2014

Whether you scour the pages of lifestyle catalogs or home design websites, you are likely to discover a huge number of trends and inspirational tips. While these can occasionally be helpful, they can also be extremely conflicting and make it difficult to commit to a specific vision or aesthetic goal. This is especially true when it comes to remodeling an existing bedroom, as this type of interior space has a number of potential purposes and is therefore the subject of multiple design concepts!

Remodeling your Bedroom

Remodeling your Bedroom: Inspiration for Modern Home-owners

So while you must trust your own creativity in the quest to create a bedroom that meets your needs, what inspiration can be drawn from contemporary trends and modern design concepts? Consider the following: –

The Return of Wallpaper

While many consider wallpaper with a sense of nostalgia, it is set to make a significant comeback in 2014! This is primarily due to innovation within the marketplace, which has created a wider and more creative product range for discerning home-owners. With various fabrics, textures and colors  now available, it is far easier to create a unique bedroom that is tailored to suit your specific requirements. Modern wallpaper products are extremely sought after, especially among those who are looking to do more than simply apply a single color to their bedroom walls.

The Rising Popularity of Natural Finish or Wooden Furniture

Natural finish and wooden furniture has also made a significant comeback in recent times, with materials such as oak widely used in contemporary kitchen, living and bedroom areas. These fixtures not only offer a timeless beauty, but they also reflect natural light effectively and suit the contemporary minimalist design ethos. Wooden beds are particularly popular, with suppliers such Revival Beds providing a range of products that can serve as a striking and eye-catching focal point for the entire room.

Choose a Color that Suits the Purpose of your Room

While the majority of use our bedrooms to sleep, those in more compact homes will also have alternative applications for this particular space. Whether you work in your bedroom or use it to pursue a creative passion, however, it absolutely crucial that you select a primary color that helps to establish a relevant and complimentary mood. So if your room must remain a haven for rest and occasional work, for example, you will be better served by decorating it in light pastel shades of blue and green.

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