Creating a Rustic feel in your Kitchen

Rustic chic is such a popular interior style choice for many homes and it’s not hard to see why. There’s something so warm and inviting about a rural interior: it evokes comfort, harmony and tradition, so what better place to incorporate this gorgeous decor style than in one of the most important rooms in the house? The kitchen is undoubtedly the life and soul of any family home – a hub of social gatherings and quality time – so it’s essential that it feels calming and friendly. We love what country style can do for the kitchen – here’s our top tips for bringing the rustic look to yours…

Creating a Rustic feel in your Kitchen


The trick to a rustic look is to choose materials and layouts that appear natural as opposed to ‘designed’. A sleek, art-house kitchen is made to be admired after all while a rustic kitchen is built for purpose so try to incorporate a rugged, lived-in appearance in the kitchen cabinets. Hardwood is typically the best choice for a rustic look because of the natural wood grain and markings. Alternatively, fitting cabinets with glass-panelled doors to display cutlery and glassware is an easy way to portray the rustic look for less.


If you’re going to go rustic in the kitchen, go all the way with a beautiful hardwood floor.

Hardwood varieties such as red oak and knotty pine achieve a beautifully idyllic effect and while they can be harder to maintain than most floor types, they will bring you pleasure for decades to come. To create the look on a budget, you can always cheat with vinyl or laminate flooring with a hardwood appearance.

Table & chairs

An earthy table of rich shades is the perfect accompaniment to any rustic kitchen and one with decorative shelving units for storage at either end is a charming plus – particularly in a family-sized kitchen. Keep warm-toned themes running throughout with shabby chic chairs and country-style seat pads at the dining table or bar stools that are evocative of the old west beside the kitchen island.

When thinking about adding rustic charm to your kitchen, you may want to look to your work surface and tiles for a little pastoral makeover too. An isolated unit of the kitchen such as the sink or the cooker for instance can be greatly improved with a border of pretty and eye-catching, natural stone tiles courtesy of YTC (The Yorkshire Tile Company). Try transforming the kitchen and bathrooms in your home with a medley of beautifully natural tiles and bring the best of the outdoors indoors.

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