Making Your Kid’s Room Tidy, Relaxing and Fun

When you were pregnant, your child had a safe and relaxing sanctuary with everything they needed close at hand – but now they’re running about in the world, it’s a lot different! A child’s bedroom needs to fulfil many needs, in a small space, all at once: storage for clothes and toys, a stimulating environment for study and play, and a calming, relaxing space for times of stress or at bedtime. Luckily, it’s not hard to create the perfect bedroom for your children.

Kid’s Room


The key to keeping your kid’s room tidy isn’t constant nagging – it’s to make tidying up easy and fun. While that might sound impossible, bright colours and fanciful shapes can make the room look better and encourage children to keep it that way. Some storage should be designed for frequent access, and using shelves that let your children put toys and collections on display is a great trick: try this adorable doll’s house-shaped unit. Other, longer-term storage can be hidden away beneath a bed, and some beds even include drawers and cupboards built in.


Children love unconventional arrangements that double up as play areas. A high sleeper bed gives you tons of room underneath for storage while doubling up as a boat’s mast or spaceship’s bridge. It can also help separate your child’s daytime and bedtime routine – climbing up to bed marks a clear distinction at the end of the day and lets them know it’s time for bed.

Do you want your child to have their own TV in their room? While many parents might have concerns about letting children, especially young ones, watch TV alone, it’s not necessarily a bad idea as long as you enforce sensible rules. Choose a compact TV unit from the Trade Furniture Company and you’ll be able to store games consoles and DVDs neatly away when not in use.

Relaxation and sleep

Perhaps you remember how safe you felt in your bedroom as a child when the world’s woes were pressing down on you – or perhaps you shared a room and always wanted your own space! Whatever the circumstances in your house, you can ensure children have a safe space to call their own and help them sleep better at night. Something as simple as hiding a clock from sight can stop kids watching the minutes pass. It’s also important to ensure rooms are consistently cool and dark at night, though you can use dim nightlights if absolutely necessary. When designed correctly, your child’s bedroom can help them establish healthy sleeping habits for life.

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