Pork Chop found a new home in Teddy Tank

We were provided a Teddy Tank to review, but all the opinions are mine (and my kids’).

There comes a point in every parenting journey when we are faced with hard questions to answer. These questions come at us one after another, faster and faster as the kids get older – and we were recently thrown one of those parental curveballs when the boys (ages 8, 6, 3, and a baby) all ganged up on us and asked for…. A PET! Oh no – the dreaded request for a pet!

We all know (from our own childhood) that any request for a pet, will be followed by promises to care for the new family member – day in and day out. But drawing on that same experience, it is a well-known fact that MOST family pets quickly become “mom’s and dad’s pet.” I was armed and ready for the kids’ pleading eyes, this time I was the boy-scouts of moms – I was prepared!

Teddy Tank! - More Than a Toy! More thank a Tank!

The kids asked for a pet, and after a little back and forth, we agreed that a good place to start in our “pet ownership career” was by adding a fish to our family. I was thrilled to show the kids our new Teddy Tank, which had just arrived in the mail the day before!

The Teddy Tank is a plastic bowl “wrapped” in a plush stuffed animal’s belly. Their twelve different animals range from a pink unicorn to a giant panda. We received the monkey, which was perfect for our family.

The Ingredients Needed


Noteworthy features:

Each of the animals come with two bows, so you can dress it up as a girl with a bow by her ear or a boy with a bow tie. Our kids chose to dress the monkey up with both bows!
The bowl holds one gallon of water, but it is recommended to only fill it 3/4 if you use it as a fish tank.
The bowl can be used to contain anything from coins, blocks, trading cards, to a Beta fish, which is exactly what we decided to use it for – a fish tank.
The plush animal is easily removable and washable.
The mouth of the animal is used to feed the fish (or fill the bowl with treasures).
Air circulates through a hole in the back of the animal’s head, which is enough for a Beta fish.

Our Experience:

So off to the pet store we went, me and all four boys. They were so excited to add a new family member – and the fact that it was going to be another male was just icing on the cake! One Beta fish is what theTeddy Tank recommends, if you decide to use it as a fish bowl.

The Beta fish is a territorial Japanese fighting fish, hence the reason why only one fish can live in there at a time. They are known for living in small bowls, and with proper care and feeding they can live up to four years. My own personal record was a year and a half with the same Beta fish.

We bought all the necessary supplies: fish, colorful gravel, fish food, chlorine-remover, and a fancy turtle ornament – these pets do not require a big financial commitment, but the lessons they teach are priceless.

Once we returned home with our new family member, we started the “move-in day” for the fish. The tank comes with simple step by step instructions on how to safely add a fish to the tank.

Teddy Tank gives "Pork Chop" the fish a new home

The entire fish-relocation took less than 15 minutes from beginning to end, and it was an appropriate activity for the helping hands of our 8, 6 and 3 year old boys.

Our new friend “Pork Chop”, named by our 6 year old, is happily living on our kitchen counter for the world to see.


  • I found the tank fun and very easy to use.
  • The directions provided were clear and concise.
  • The plush animal part of the tank is easily removed when the water needs to be cleaned, and it is machine washable.
  • Access to feed the fish is through the mouth and that is easy and not messy, as I had anticipated it would be.
  • Now a few days later, I have noticed that the kids see the “stuffed monkey” on our counter and is reminded of “Pork Chop’s” existence, so it is not only cute, it serves as a reminder to the children.
  • I would have LOVED this as a kid!
  • Thanks to Teddy Tank I am a cool mom!
  • – and “Pork Chop” has the most adorable tank on the block!

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