Family Fun At Halloween Nights With Universal Studios!

Everyone loves a fun party, haunted house or costume contest at Halloween, but nothing compares to the Family Fun At Halloween Nights With Universal Studios! Not only do you have all the same rides, characters and show you love there, you have tons of fun extra events and decorations to make it a fun family friendly Halloween event.

Halloween Nights Universale


What To Expect:

  • Talented makeup artists from hit shows “Face Off” and “In The Flesh” will both be creating the effects worn by those staff in costumes.  Ghoul, scare and realistic makeup will be featured at this fun event!
  • 10 Great Characters Inspired by the SyFy TV Series!
  • Halloween Horrors Maze featuring 22 unique villains and horrific characters.  Insect-human hybrid, classic horror characters and ancient mummies all make an appearance in this spooktacular event.

Things To Remember:

  • While over all family friendly, some characters may be too scary for younger children. Remember to gauge their reactions before coming to the park to ensure a great experience for all.
  • Regular rides and attractions will be operational, but some may have minor changes for the holiday event.  IF you are concerned about a specific ride, simply contact the park and ask in advance for more information.
  • This event is for a limited time.  Check your Universal Studios to make sure you get in on the event before it goes away.  Since this is a feature at both locations (Orlando & Hollywood), the dates and times may vary slightly.

Why You Should Go:

  • Great alternative to typical Halloween parties.
  • Fun way to see real Hollywood style makeup artists work at its best.
  • Something for almost everyone in the family to enjoy.
  • All of your favorite Universal Studios rides and attractions are there to enjoy as well!

This year take in Halloween Horror Nights with Universal Studios for a fun filled adventure just in time for the creepiest and most spooktacular season of the year.  Not only will you find yourself seeing amazing new makeup techniques, things featured from your favorite SyFy shows, but you will have a great place to safely go and enjoy the holiday together as a family.

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