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In today’s super busy world, I like many find that my diet is no longer what you could call healthy. While I have never been one to eat an excess of fatty foods, I do however find myself leaving out a necessary food group and often skip meals entirely.

Lately I have noticed that my body is not as productive as it once was. As a mom, I love to blame that on my children keeping me stressed and busy but deep down I realize I only have myself to blame. Thus I made a silent vow to be better to my body by watching my diet, adding daily exercise and increasing my sleep time. This is harder than I could have imagined to achieve  I mean training myself to break the habits that I took years to create is like fighting with a strong willed bull {<- my animal equal}.

One of the additions I made to my diet was NewGreens. Since I am having a hard time balancing my fast paced life with the need to honor the food group, it was a reasonable arrangement.


NewGreens is a dietary supplement that can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to increase their intake of antioxidants and other nutrients that are deficient in their diet. Not only is NewGreens very high in antioxidants but it is also loaded with nutrients that improve gastrointestinal function and detoxification like probiotics, enzymes, fiber and ingredients that are known to support liver function.

NewGreens is an acquired taste. My very first go at this new dietary supplement was by mixing it with water. Needless to say this did not go well for me and I couldn’t help but spit it out in the sink. I bow to those who can drink it this way; you are much stronger than I. Next I tried milk; while better, I still couldn’t get through even half without stopping. Then we experiment with various juices and I found that it went well with both orange juice and V8 {yes, I know that is a veggie drink}. The oj mixed well and added just a tad bit of sweetness. While the V8 was like a match made perfect; the tomato base completed covered up the powdery taste.

NewGreens Review

Even though you have heard my some what unpleasant story of trial and error, I urge you to keep in mind that those who see products like NewGreens are not purchasing them for their taste. The benefits alone are enough reason to find a mixture marriage that is right for you.

Since starting the NewGreens process I have noticed I have more energy  The good kind that is not falsely produced by energy products widely available on the deptment store shelves today. This burst of energy is light, however very much present and lasts all day and with the increase of my daily activity, my mood automatically shifts to a happier place. Another fantastic side effect of the increase movement is the weight loss. While I am seeing 2-3 pounds a week, it is gladly accepted as one more step in the right direction.

What suggestions do you have for mixing NewGreens?


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