5 Most Common Cleaning Blunders You Don’t Want to Commit!

5 Most Common Cleaning Blunders

Cleaning a home is a hefty job and by making the right decisions a home owner may lessen the stress involved in keeping everything in good shape. There are a lot of easy decisions that can be made to ensure a home owner has the cleanest house, and spends the least amount of time performing those necessary household jobs. The following tips should make cleaning much less of a hassle and safer for any home owner who has a dirty home.

1. Use the wrong equipment or use dirty cloths

Certain cleaning agents were meant for specific surfaces just as some machines were designed for particular jobs. Cleaning will go much easier if a person has an abundance of tools for the job. In addition, using the same cloth everywhere can make cleaning more difficult due to leftover dirt and the creation of streaks on various surfaces.

2. Do all the cleaning in one day

Whether someone lives in an apartment or a house, doing everything related to the cleaning of the home in one day doesn’t make sense. Setting up a few tasks to take care of each week will allow a home owner to cycle through all the necessary projects without getting burned out on cleaning.

3. Clean without organization

Vacuuming every week keeps carpets looking fresh and new, but organizing the house is required as well to cut down on things like dust, mites, and fleas. Most people stick with a few types of cleaning that they don’t mind performing too much, and then they fail to realize an old stack of newspapers has a ton of dust in it and is contaminating the area.

4. Fill the home with chemicals

The back of any type of bottle of household cleaner may contain dozens of harmful chemicals, but it’s not necessary to use cleaning options that might harm the family or even the family pets. When choosing new cleaning products, it’s vital to consider green and natural options. This also includes any work done by outside companies. Carpet cleaning in Orange County has many experts that say, one of the first questions to ask will be whether that company offers green cleaning options.

5. Waste cleaning products and energy

Cleaning may take a long time, or it might require cleaning products and energy to perform, but that’s no reason why wasteful habits need to occur. Rather than use a whole roll of paper towels, a stack of micro fiber cloths could be used for the same purpose.

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