Eek! There is an alien living in my bathroom! Spring Cleaning with Colgate #EasterSmiles #CBias

It is that time of year again where my husband calls me crazy. While he cannot stand watching me clean 24/7 for nearly two weeks straight, I truly think he loves the way our home looks and smells in the end.

My first spring cleaning challenge was the kid’s bathroom. This is always one of the first rooms on my yearly list as it is the nastiest. First order of business is the inspection. This is just a good look to give me an idea of what I will need to tackle the job from start to finish.

Spring Cleaning Tip ~ Do one room at a time and clean it completely before moving on to another. This way you do not get sidetracked and leave something unfinished.

As I walk around checking out the small bathroom area, I am not surprised by the things that need to be done. Clean out of my massive stock pile in the closet, complete bleach over of all the walls, floors and bathroom pieces (tub, sink, toilet). I also wanted to freshen everything up with some new supplies and extras for the kids.

I also made a mental not that since my toddler is potty training, I needed to make a better spot for him and his potty. The one that was in the room upon inspection was large and took up a lot of space in such a small room. Plus the risk of bumping is head into the sink was too great. So I knew a change need to be made.

As I closed the door, to take a peek at the inside wall, I noticed something very disturbing.

I knew then it was time to get to work. First order of business was cleaning out the old and excess items. I boxed up everything that was new for donation and the old opened products were tossed. A shopping list was then created for what I wanted to see happen with our bathroom project (plus a few other items we needed around the house).

My little guy and I then headed to Wal-Mart to do a little shopping. There was a lot to choice from and we ended up being all over the store. To be honest it was fun to actually look around instead of being rushed.

I picked up the shelving unit I needed to add a better look to the bathroom and also add some space to the area. I ended up deciding on a Closet-maid piece that was under $13, three shelves and the ideal width. I even grabbed a 4 pack of hook holders to help me add some color to the tub.

Deciding on bathroom additions in the baby department was the hardest. I wanted to go over budget and buy extras that were unnecessary and was so proud of myself for not doing so. The only addition that wasn’t on the list for an adorable frog spout cover that matched the existing decor and would add a nice safety feature in the tub for my toddler.

Then we continued on to the cleaning supplies to grab a few things and much-needed paper supplies. Short lived walk through this aisle since I already knew what I was after.

On my way to the dental aisle I noticed a Colgate box setup that contained some budget priced items. They were not quite what I was looking for but I made a mental price note and reminder to come back when I was ready to do the master bathroom.

Then on to the Colgate #EasterSmiles section of the store to select new Colgate toothbrushes and toothpaste for our four children. The Cedar Falls Wal-Mart carries a fantastic selection of products to choice from. I found these great two packs of Dora and Spongebob toothbrushes. Seriously, they must have known I was coming. These fit what I needed to a T and in the cart they went.

Spongebob toothpaste stood out above the rest. The bright yellow face had my toddler reaching for it before I even got the brushes in the cart.

I did notice that Colgate also offers a battery operated brush for kids in both the Dora and Spongebob characters. While these are really cool, my children are all under 7 and I do not think they are ready to brush unassisted.

After 1.5 hours shopping, a quick battery snag at the checkout and a money order purchase which I almost forgot, I was ready to head home. Upon arrival, I sat my little guy at the table for lunch and brought my shopping spoils in. Double checked the list to find I was successful in getting what I needed and let out a big sign of relief.

Nap time can about an hour later and I got to scrubbing the bathroom down (top to bottom). Then a DYI project of getting the overflow repaired. While the floors, surfaces and overflow dried, I began to put together my shelving unit and adding in the parts I purchased.

Within 2 hours and naptime not quite over, the project was complete. Now to sit down for a quick chapter read and a cup of cold coffee. Yum!

The older crew arrived home not too long after and were overjoyed with the work mommy had done. My Nat even demanded to use her new Colgate toothbrush and toothpaste right away. Of course I was happy to agree.

Want to see more? Of course you do! Checkout out our step-by-step photo experience of the Colgate Spring Cleaning #EasterSmiles Project from start to finish.

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