Spring Clean and Keep Green

Now that Spring seems to have finally arrived, and the daylight hours are getting longer, it’s high-time to have a thorough sort out of our mounds of stuff which have accumulated over the past year or so. However, rather than throwing everything away, to save you time, money and the environment, here are some better ways to get rid of old junk:

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Recycle all the way:

To be eco-friendly whilst tidying and sorting, recycling is the obvious way to go. It will not only reduce the amount sent to landfill, but also reduce pollution, which contributes to global warming. Most towns and cities will have a local recycling center, which will either collect or receive junk from you. Many forms of plastic, paper, glass, and even clothes, batteries and car parts can be recycled, turning them into new products. So you can lessen your impact on the environment whilst you make an impact on your junk. If you aren’t quite sure how to properly recycle, then you should visit website like this. This way, you can live a much more earth conscious lifestyle.

Moving on Upcycle:

When you’re going through your stuff, see what can be reused. Upcycling is when sorting gets crafty. By making something out of what you already have you can turn seemingly useless objects into something very useful and creative. Old clothes, furniture, and of course glass, metals and plastics can be manipulated in this way to serve a new and rejuvenated purpose, such as painting glass jars and reusing them as flower vases. This lessens the demand to buy new objects from stores, helping to reduce energy and pollution from harvesting raw materials to produce them. Therefore, having a positive effect on nature with your fun and creative ability to waste not, want not.


We E-cycle:

A growing problem worldwide is what to do with tech-trash. As new technology emerges, our old ‘bricks’ get chucked away, to build up and cause serious pollution issues by releasing poisonous chemicals. This electronic ‘e-waste’ can easily be e-cycled, which will conserve natural resources and prevent contamination of the environment. So, if you want to make a bit of cash whilst making a bit of ‘cyber’ space, you could, for example, sell Nintendo Wii, and it’s games if you wish, on websites such as Music Magpie. You will be offered a good, fair price in exchange for your tech, as well as CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, laptops and mobile phones and more. By accumulating each item you can receive a grand total, so make use of this growing trend to earn some green whilst being green!

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