6 Shoes Every Mom Should Have in Their Closet

6 Shoes Every Mom Should Have in Their Closet

There’s one thing that most moms are guilty of doing. They put their kids’ needs in front of their own, and it’s so natural to them that they probably don’t even realize that they are doing so. It’s what moms do. However, mom needs to be able to take care of herself from time to time. One aspect that should be easy to handle is the shoes she has in her closet. You may not realize this, but pregnancy can make the size of your foot change. It’s the perfect reason to update your closet. Here are the top six shoe styles that you should have in your closet.

Comfortable Tennis Shoes

Moms are almost always on their feet, no matter if they have one toddler to chase around or enough kids to fill a mini-van. A comfortable pair of sneakers is a must-have for every mom. A good pair of tennis shoes are perfect for a day spent walking at the zoo or running errands.

Slip-on Shoes

A good pair of slip-on shoes can make the difference when running out of the door late by a few moments to catch the bus. Slip-on shoes, like mules, only take a few moments to slide your foot in before you’re on your way. They work well for being in a hurry or when you want a cute casual shoe.


You’ll be grateful for that pair of cowboy boots or hiking boots on your first field trip to the apple orchard or park with muddy trails. You can get both sturdiness and style out of these types of boots. Your feet will be happy with the added protection.


Summertime just wouldn’t be summer without a good pair of strappy sandals. A nice pair of sandals can be perfect for the beach or attending a party at the park. Your sandals may end up being the talk of the playdate circle. 


There are some days when you want to be more dressy than just wearing your old pair of sneakers, but are doing too much walking to pull out your pair of heels. Flats, such as ballet flats or saddle shoes, can be your go-to shoe. 


Depending on your lifestyle, you may need a few pairs of heels. You may want to invest in a good pair of heels for work or other purposes that offer you the height you want while having a comfortable insert in them to keep your feet from hating you at the end of the day. Don’t forget to get a pair of heels for those nights out on the town with your girls or date night. It’s okay to be frivolous and splurge on yourself from time to time.   The right shoe for the occasion that fits just right is exactly what a mom needs to help her keep her feet from stopping her from one more game of Red Rover or finally getting a night out on the town to go dancing. These shoes are the ones you should have in your closet for every occasion.

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  1. I have some, but not all of these.. It definitely would be ideal to have all of them 😛

  2. I can wear low heels. High heels kill me for more then 30 minutes. I mean they look good but not very comfy at all. I agree with all the others.

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