Hacks For Getting & Staying Organizing

Hacks For Getting & Staying Organizing

One of the best skills anyone can learn is the skill to get things organized and keep them organized. Sometimes the idea of organization can scare someone so much that they don’t even try. But, if you take the time to organize your home and life, the truth is everything will go much smoother.

Organized Home

  • Use Baskets and Cubbies – Build cubbies or use beautiful wicker baskets to collect the things that get misplaced around the house.
  • Everything Has a Home – As you set up your home, put things in logical places that make sense. For example, coffee mugs should be stored near your coffee maker, as should the sugar and creamer. You should even add sorting hampers for laundry room organization.
  • Clean as You Go – Whenever you do anything, clean as you go instead of leaving things out. Clutter is the number one reason a home looks dirty; not actual dirt.
  • Make Your Bed Right Away – Believe it or not, getting up and making your bed will start your day off right. Not only will you get in a bit of stretching but you’ll immediately transform your room.
  • Keep a Running List – Put a pad of paper on your fridge. When you run out of anything, or are just low on it, write it down. Pull off the list each time you go to the store so you won’t forget things.

Organized Events and Appointments

  • Sync Calendars – Everyone in the family should have an online calendar such as Google Calendar to keep track of dates. These calendars should all be synced so that anyone in the family can easily see what anyone in the family is doing today.
  • Schedule Fun and Work – We have a tendency to only schedule “work” or doctor’s appointments. But, it’s also important to schedule fun time, date night, one-on-one time with your children and so forth. This will ensure that it happens.

Organized Car

  • Get a Trash Bucket – Keep trash in its place with a special bucket made for your vehicle. On trash day for your home, empty it as you pull your trash can out to the curb.
  • Use a Glove Box-Sized Accordion File – Some things you must keep inside your car, but you want to keep it organized so find a file folder that fits in the glove box for these papers.
  • Get a Dash Mount for Electronics – A mount for your phone and/or GPS will help keep everything well organized. You’ll always know right where your phone is, and you’ll be able to see your GPS easier.

Organized Office

  • Create a Filing System – Deal with paper only once. When you get mail, put it in the “in box”. When you touch it, make sure you open it and process it immediately, throwing away what you don’t need and filing the rest away.
  • Keep Bills Organized – Get a numbered, slotted organizer; put the bills in there in the order you need to pay them. Alternatively, pay them via your bank online. Usually this is called “Bill Pay” or something like that. You can schedule payments the moment you get the bill, and then file away.

Creating a system of organization might feel strange at first, but after just a few weeks it will become second nature. You’ll be able to get more done because you’re not spending your time finding missing paperwork, or cleaning up messes before you can get down to work.

About the author
Mrs. Hatland is a 30-something married, mom of 7 and the face behind the popular online publication, Motherhood Defined. Known as the Iowa Mom blogger by her local peers and “The Fairy Blogmother” worldwide. She has professional experience in working closely with clients on brand ambassadorships, client outreach services, content creation and creative social media advertising exposure.


  1. I am in need of organizing my kitchen and getting rid of pots and pans that we don’t use anymore!

  2. My whole house needs organizing but if I had to pick one room it be my bedroom that definitely needs it

  3. I need to organize the whole house! You name it, it needs help!

  4. My bedroom should be organized properly. I also plan to move the furniture a bit differently.

  5. I need my closet organized! It seems to be where things go when we don’t know WHERE they should go!

  6. My sewing area is very hard to keep organized, but one thing the helps a bit is hanging a pegboard where I can store all my sewing tools!

  7. Without a doubt my bathroom. It’s so small I must find ways to store all my personal care items.

  8. Got to be the kitchen. The tupperware apocalypse is around the corner, I think right now it’s only held at bay by loose wall of baking trays.

  9. I need to organize my bathroom. I can’t find anything when I go looking for it.

  10. My bedroom needs to be organized. I have stuff everywhere and it’s just a mess. That’s definitely my top priority.

  11. I love to organize and keep bins for things but I do need help with my closets mainly because I have too much stuff.

  12. Definitely need to put a trash bucket in my car I always have rubbish on the floor

  13. We really need our bathroom organized. We have no counters or cabinets in there. It is a big mess.

  14. Right now the part of the house that need organized the most is our basement. We moved in almost 2 years ago and everything that was in the attic and shed at our old home went in the basement it is packed with tots, boxes and its a wreck !!!

  15. My room, lately it looks like a huge mess since I do not have time to tidy it up on a daily basis.

  16. I really need to organize my kitchen! My cupboards, counters, fridge, all of ot needs organized!

  17. I always need more organization and storage for my kitchen. Its a small space and hard to keep organized with the family getting into everything.

  18. My best organizing tip is to have a friend help you get rid of stuff. My friend could really throw my stuff away when I couldn’t. We really had a lot of stuff to go when she was done. My closets still need organized.

  19. I really love having everything organized but my problem is I’m too lazy, these tips are helpful but I need to change my habits. Thanks for your advice!

  20. My entire house needs to be organized but I’d say that the worst room is the laundry room/pantry

  21. We have a walk-in pantry that becomes a mess in seconds, probably because we don’t have to see it everyday.

  22. My basement shelving needs to be organized. Its those things that “you might need one day” and you are grateful you did not throw it out.

  23. We really need to organize our downstairs bedroom that has turned into a dumping ground and get our storage room in order too!

  24. ALL areas of my house need organizing! But right now the kitchen is most in need of it. It’s so well equipped that i have no room for storing things.

  25. The whole house to be honest. We moved in here in September but there were things that needed to get done first. So everyone’s rooms are well in organized

  26. My office is in serious need of organization — I have stuff piled everwhere.

  27. I need to organize my closets. They are just a place to hide mess for now.

  28. In my case, study room and home lab needs to stay thoroughly organized. Same goes for my kitchen.

  29. I need my kitchen organized lol. My pots and pans are a mess in the cabinets I have my spices in their packaged jars, id love to have matching spice jars.

  30. I like using stackable containers in the pantry and closets saves so much space

  31. Many areas of my home are in need of oranization. The bathroom closet, however is probably the one most needed. My tip is to box/bag up what you don’t need/want and give to family or the local food pantry. They will accept toiletries and cleaning supplies in addition to food.

  32. My attic is out of control and needs a lot of work but so does the living room.

  33. I definitely need more closet space in my bedroom for my clothes & shoes.

  34. The garage is a black hole of tools, boxes and random crap.
    I just keep avoiding it.

  35. My entire house needs to get organized, although I have done some work in that area. I started working on my kitchen, and there is still SO much to do there (and in the pantry). After my kitchen I need to work on my laundry room.

  36. I really need to organize my laundry room. It is just a bunch of clothes thrown down there and I use my dryer as my soap storage. I would really love to have some organization down there!

  37. all our closets and bathrooms. I have been trying to get a system going for organization but after almost 10 years I still to yet figure out something that works out.

  38. I really need to organize my coat closets. Things have randomly been placed in there and now there’s no longer any room in them.

  39. The garage could definitely use some serious organizing, and my office area too.

  40. My apartment is so cluttered right now…I definitely need to do some spring cleaning!

  41. I need my kitchen cabinets organized! They are a mess and I hate the way they look.

  42. My kitchen and closet need to be seriously organized! My laundry room could use some work as well.

  43. I think my kitchen probably needs the most organization. I have stuff everywhere.

  44. The room that needs organising in our home is hubby workshop, it is really bad and I have trouble finding anything in there!

  45. I really need to organize our den which just has become a place to store unwanted items.

  46. Hands down, my living room. Feels like an old cave compared to other rooms in my apartment.

  47. My spare bedroom needs organized bad. I keep trying to get it all neat and tidy and have come to the conclusion that this summer its time to purge.

  48. The laundry room and pantry are two areas of my home that I need organized.

  49. A trash bin in the car really is a big help. Without it your car can be a big mess.

  50. We really need to organize our kitchen. We try, but our systems always end up not working out.

  51. I feel like my whole house needs a major organizing overhaul. I really appreciate this post! My tips would be to get rid of/donate things you don’t need 🙂 Thanks so much!

  52. My whole house needs some serious organization but I’d say my kitchen needs it most.

  53. My best organizing tip is not to use deep containers for storage. They end up being like a toy box–what ever goes to the bottom is lost down there and never comes up. Also, you end up putting more and more in them if there is room.

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