Holiday Wish List: Mamas & Papas Rock n’ Ride Talking Lotty

Rock 'n Ride Talking Lotty

We received the “Rock N Ride – Talking Lotty” last week for our 9 month old baby boy. The company sent us the toy to review, but all the opinions stated are mine and my kids’. The big box arrived and all the kids gathered around to see what it could be this time. Wow! We were so surprised at the quality and craftsmanship of the Rock N Ride Talking Lotty.

Rock 'n Ride Talking Lotty

The toy arrived in a big cardboard box, all assembled. We only had to screw in the foot boards, which was a two minute job using the enclosed screws and tool. The little music box located under Lotta’s scarf needed batteries (2x AA batteries), which also was a quick job. I love when toys don’t require much assembly and delay before they can be enjoyed. There is nothing worse than fighting anxious and impatient kids off as you desperately are trying to piece together a new toy for them.

Let me just get to the point – to spare you the cliff hanger of excitement! This toy is awesome! Absolutely incredible and perfect for babies ages 9 months+. Our three year old boy was very intrigued by it, so I definitely do not see a close end in sight for the excitement over this one – and that’s fine by me!

  • Lotty is a female bug made on a solid wooden frame, rocking feature and handles. The rocker can easily be switched to a ride-on toy. The transformation takes place practically by using only one hand. The wheels slide along a track and lock into place when you want to use it as a rocker – it is simple, functional and very self-explanatory.
  • The antennas on either side of her head start to play small snippets of music and phrases when they are activated. You just have to push a button inside the antennas, which is easy to locate. Lotty’s feet are plush with crinkly textures inside, so crawling around and exploring her is a lot of fun too – if you are a baby, of course.
  • The best part about this toy is the cushioned seat with a nicely padded back and sides. Once baby is seated, he is comfortable and safe. The colors are so vibrant and attractive for a baby just starting to explore the outside world. The primary colors makes this toy unisex, which is so rare these days – I love it!
  • The dimensions of the Talking Lotty are: H: 21 x W: 26 x D: 15” approx., Seat Height: 11” approx.

Rock 'n Ride Talking Lotty

Jonah’s (9 months) Favorite Highlights:

  • The cushioned seat makes this toy perfect for having a comfortable rest while you watch your brothers play all around you.
  • The colors are bright, vibrant and happy. Who could possibly be in a bad mood when they play on this.
  • The music and phrases are brief, so they will not drive the parents crazy, but long enough to catch an inquisitive baby’s attention.
  • The rocking feature is comforting and the gliders are built so there is no chance of the toy rocking too far forward or backwards. It is a safe and soothing rocking motion.
  • Changing Lotty from a rocking toy to a ride-on toy takes less than a minute – really, less than a minute – and no tools or extra screws are required. So a baby can change his mind as many times as he would like.
  • Pushing the toy is loads of fun. It doesn’t turn on a dime, so this will not be the toy that you zoom around the house with – but it is certainly one that you can learn or perfect your walking skills behind.
  • Willing siblings can help push while you take a rest in the cushy seat.


  • The Rock n Ride Talking Lotty is a beautifully crafted wood and plush toy. The quality of the craftsmanship is hard to find in toys these days. The toy is perfect in its simplicity, yet it has enough “bells and whistles” to keep babies and toddlers intrigued for a long time.
  • The Rock n Ride Talking Lotty encourages independence, but also team work. Our older boys have really enjoyed helping their younger siblings ride the toy around the house. It has quickly become a favorite toy and one we will cherish for years as the kids grow up around it.
  • This toy would be a perfect baby shower present for parents who might already have everything needed for a new baby’s arrival.

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