Review of Natural HomeLogic, LiceLogic and TotLogic Products

Review of Natural HomeLogic, LiceLogic, and TotLogic Products

Yesterday a big box arrived in the mail, one so big that it had to contain something really cool! I sure was right! The box was full of Logic Products for the kids and home! Having the opportunity to test drive these products is nothing less than awesome. While the products were provided for my review all the opinions are my own, influenced only by my kids and their reactions!

Review of Natural HomeLogic, LiceLogic, and TotLogic Products

Logic Product Group makes cleaning solutions for the home, pets and children. Their products are all natural, safe and really effective. The items I had the pleasure of trying were scented with essential oils, which is a cleaning aid all in its own. All the products are perfectly scented and leave you feeling clean.

We received the LiceLogic Repel Conditioning Shampoo (Lavender) and the LiceLogic Repel Conditioning Hair Spray (Lavender). I have to disclose that we don’t currently have lice, and there is not an outbreak at the kids’ school. However, we had lice last year, so I know first-hand how horribly hard they were to get rid of. This shampoo and conditioning hair spray is part of their “lice repelling” line, and let me tell you – I am ALL FOR anything that will help keep those little itchy critters miles away from our front door.

I used the shampoo and the conditioning spray on my own hair, and boy was I impressed. My hair is long, straight and impossible to brush unless I let it soak in conditioner. I washed it and immediately felt how clean my hair was. Without conditioning, I got out of the shower and used the conditioning spray. I was immediately able to run a comb through my hair – it was nothing less than a miracle, if you consider smooth hair worthy of miracles. I have since then used both products on our boys who are in elementary school, and they both loved them.

To Bathe or Not to Bathe, TotLogic for the Win

The three TotLogic products that we tried were the TotLogic Soothing Diaper Balm, TotLogic Bubble Bath, and TotLogic 2 in 1 Wash & Shampoo. I used all three products on our two youngest boys ages 3 and 10 months. Bath time was a fun bubble-filled delight. The Wash & Shampoo left their skin soft and clean, without drying it out, which is so important as our toddler has eczema. The diaper balm, a big jar of skin-smoothing comfort. I used it on our toddler with the sensitive skin, and he absolutely loved it. The balm was thick (but not too thick) and left the skin moist, but not greasy. I actually also put some on his legs and found that it was very appropriate for any area of the body.

TotLogic Bath Time, Always a Good Time

Over the past couple of days, since this wonderful box of cleaning products arrived, I have used the HomeLogic items religiously, at any given chance, and they have all far exceeded my expectations. My husband looked at the bottles, without knowing anything about where they came from and said “wow, these products work so great and they smell so good. Where on EARTH did you get them?!” – the packaging alone gives you the impression that you are in the presence of greatness!

I made dinner last night, it was a dish full of onion, garlic, chicken – all the things that get your hands dirty and stinky – to say the least. It’s a pet peeve of mine to wash my hands and still smell the lingering smell of onion and garlic every time I hand passes my nose. But yesterday, after using the HomeLogic Foaming Hand Soap, my hands smelt and felt clean – oh cooking bliss! I finished doing the dishes with the HomeLogic Liquid Dish Soap, and with the same results – the dishes were clean – and weren’t left with a weird residue or baked on grime. There is nothing worse than making dinner and then working up a sweat just to bring the kitchen back to its rightful order and neatness. The clean up should be as much fun as the cooking part – and yesterday it sure was. I also have the HomeLogic All Purpose Cleaner to thank for that! The counters, cook top and everywhere else I had splattered grease looked sparkling and bright again – with minimal effort.

I have thoroughly enjoyed using the HomeLogic Products. They are clearly family friendly, natural and gentle on all the many members of the family – except for lice and other unwanted critters, but then again – I don’t count them as part of our family!

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