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I apologize to all of my Instagram friends for clogging up the news feed with all of my photos this month.  But it’s for good reason, and pretty soon you may be doing the same thing!  As a sleep deprived “mombie,” I have really fallen behind on putting my photo albums together.  Even though I manage to capture many amazing moments on my phone or camera, I used to be diligent with my printing and scrapbooking, and now I consider myself lucky if I remember to order my prints and have them mailed to me… let alone make it to an album.

So when I received the opportunity to try out, I started changing the way I viewed and organized my photos of our family. is a subscription service that connects to your Instagram account and automatically creates a photo book from your Instagram photos for you to cherish forever.  You can choose a monthly subscription, for $24.95 a month, or a quarterly plan for $44 a month.  Each month can hold up to 320 photos, and each quarterly book can hold up to 500.  You can even give a gift subscription to someone who you know loves their Instagram, in either a set number of months, quarters, or simply a gift card towards whatever plan they want to choose.


Since having our second little boy in April, I have yet to open my last scrapbook to add more photos, because I am either changing a diaper, feeding the baby, chasing a 2 year old around, or working, cooking, or cleaning.  (Did you notice I left out “sleep?”) is the perfect solution for me so that I can document our family memories and have them put together in a beautiful, bound book, automatically without having to do any other work than uploading my photos like I normally do.

So what about those fun foodie photos, and other quirky things that we sometimes post on Instagram… that you don’t necessarily want printed in your book?  (I mean, I am really proud of the chicken pot pie casserole I made the other night, and I posted it on Instagram #nomnom, but 20 years from now I will look at it between two photos of our boys and wonder what I was thinking!)  Simple:  #noBTM (hashtag no

I was anxiously awaiting our first book, and when it arrived, was pleasantly surprised to open the package and see the 8 x 8 book with a sleeve wrapped around the book previewing some of the photos captured inside, as well as the date range for the month (or quarter).



The first page of the book also documents the time frame, so that if your two year old happens to rip the sleeve around the book (while flipping through the book for the first time…), you still have a record of what time frame the Instagram photos are from.


The turnaround time was extremely quick from the time I signed up for my subscription to when the first book arrived.  The book is printed and shipped within 24 hours of your order, the layouts are automatically created for you (so you don’t have to worry about designing yourself) and the book will go back 30 days from your date of order.  If you do not have 20 images in the last 30 days (which I did not, because I was not as active on Instagram), will go back further on your first book in order to capture 20 images.


One of the other features I love is that there is no contract and you can cancel at any time (although I have a feeling this will be a subscription I keep for a while, at least until I can get out of the “mombie” zone.)

If you are like me, and have let your photo organization fall behind, give a try!  The holidays are right around the corner, give your family or friends a hint that this may be a great gift for you.  Pretty soon you will be clogging up the Instagram feed just like me!

Visit, visit them on Facebook and Pinterest, and get your book today!

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I'm Tara, a married, full-time working mother of two boys under two, and three furry "kids" that make our family whole. Life as a full time working mom trying to balance married life, parenting, three dogs, and some "me" time along the way is chaotic, but worth every moment. I hope you will enjoy some of our adventures along the way!

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