Three New Must Try Apps for Kids

KidsAcademyLogo-150x150Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Kids Game

The bright colors and cute characters kept her engaged while she had fun tracing letters and numbers, and learning beginning letter sounds. I like that the tracing portion encourage good letter formation but didn’t frustrate her by making her start over with the smallest mistake like some do.  It is pretty interactive too, by tapping objects you can make different things happen, for example pressing the Aa’s in one area gave you a list of words that begin with A. It was pretty easy for her to maneuver around in the app– moving easily from skill to skill with no trouble. The full download includes over 300 worksheets in over 8 workbooks so I don’t think she will get bored with it anytime soon.  This is definitely our new go to app for preschool skills practice.


kids-a-apps-150x150Bingo ABC’s

Kid love the fun and repetitive melody of Bingo so this one really holds their attention. It begins by singing the familiar tune and my little one picked it up in no time, singing the words out loud and grinning while learning. That is a big plus for this mom. I loved the adorable characters throughout this app My three year old loved not only the song but  the  karaoke portion was a hit, even though she is not old enough to read she understood with little prompting that each one that lit up was a word, a great pre-reading skill for her to learn.


kids-academy-apps-150x150ABC Alphabet Phonics Montessori App

If you are familiar with Montessori teaching methods you will love this app-ABC Alphabet Phonics& Montessori Learn to Read App. Beautiful graphics, entertaining activities, and fun songs keep my little one busy for as long as I will let her play.  Mazes, rhyming words, uppercase and lowercase letter practice, short and long vowels, and words to write will allow this app to be a great learning tool from 3 on up, even my 6 year old found activities the enjoyed on it. While she thinks she is just enjoying a fun game she is learning pre-reading and writing skills that will help her excel in kindergarten. The value they will get out of it is well worth the purchase price.

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