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My boys love to read.  They love getting new books and especially love simple books that they can read along to.  (Well, Hunter reads along and Nolan watches his big brother in awe…)  Every once in a while when I ask Hunter to pick out a book for us to read, he picks one with a lengthy story, but most of the time he and his little brother enjoy the more colorful, short stories with easy to follow along illustrations.

We recently received a set of Anne Geddes Books, the newest addition to Put Me in the Story ‘s line of baby board books.  We received three books as a part of the Anne Geddes package, “This Little Baby,”  “Lullaby and Good Night,” and “Anne Geddes My First Year: A Baby Journal.”  The books are a nice, large size, with bold colors and the beautiful photos that Anne Geddes is well known for.  With the soft, padded cover, these are the perfect books for babies and toddlers alike, especially teething, drooly ones like our 7 month old!  I don’t have to worry about him slobbering on or ruining a page because he has his first tooth cutting through and can soak through a bib or outfit in minutes flat.


The boys were immediately engaged by the adorable photos of babies on each of the books, and as they turned the pages, enjoyed following along with the familiar tune as both books are set to classic nursery rhyme and lullaby lyrics.


Part of the charm of these Anne Geddes board books is that they are set to the tune of the classic nursery rhyme and lullaby, so it’s easy to sing along or follow along with both.  The bold colors and adorable photos of the babies that Geddes is known for draw your eyes to each page.  These board books have been a favorite of the boys since they arrived at our door.  We have even practiced counting and colors on each page, so these books can grow with your toddler through the different stages of learning too.


In addition to the adorable board books, Anne Geddes and Put Me in the Story have teamed up to create a beautiful, giftable “My First Year” Journal.  With plenty of pages for each month, as well as milestones, notes, and photos, this is the perfect gift for a parent to be, or even for yourself to document every milestone and important event in your baby’s first year.  I wish I had a more detailed journal for Hunter’s first year… I never was able to keep track of all of the milestones like his first tooth, the first time he slept through the night, what he was doing each month.  I took lots of pictures and videos, and have general time frames, but looking back I wish I had been more diligent on the specifics.  The Anne Geddes journal is perfect for keeping a record of these milestones.  If you have a special someone in your life expecting a baby, this journal would make a perfect gift.


You can purchase your Anne Geddes books, as well as many other personalized Put Me in the Story books here!



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