Putting a new spin on a classic board game – Olaf’s in Trouble

Thank you to the Hasbro PR team for sending over a few of this year’s hot holiday toys for review including Olaf’s in Trouble, seen below.

Olaf in Trouble

Frozen has become the nation’s newest and continuing phenomenon. Every little girl seems to want to be Elsa or Anna and many little boys are adoring Sven and Kristoff. With so many product option on the market today, it is hard to narrow it down to one or even a few that will be loved longer than the few minutes of Christmas fame. Well, that is where the wonderful world of board games comes in to play. Honestly you can never go wrong with a classic like Trouble. As long as you get the age range and Frozen happy effect right, you will be the star of the day even long after the tree has come down.

Frozen trouble

Olaf’s in Trouble is a Pop-O-Matic unit. This just means that you push down the plastic bubble to roll the dice. I am especially fond of this style for the younger crowd who seem to always lose the small pieces in just about any game.

Of course the game itself features Olaf bright and center of the game board. Isn’t he just the most adorable Disney character of them all? He is one of my all time favorites.

Trouble Frozen Characters

I will say that I have an like/dislike for the movable game pieces. The size and shape are ideal for smaller hands. They are not the typical round style. So in the event they do fall on the floor, the pieces do not roll. This makes them much easier to locate. However, I was disappointed to see the sticker characters, that the consumer must put on themselves. I don’t know about you but I suck at it. I mean, I can build just about any toy with precision and then screw up the stickers to no end.

In play

What I like best of all, is that not only is Trouble for the younger crowd (my Low is almost 5} but even adults such as myself still enough the game. It is one that we have played daily for the last several days. I like making it a learning experience for my youngest. I have him count out loud and enjoy seeing him work out strategy on how to win. In fact he is reigning champion in our household.

Olaf’s In Trouble is a win for us. If you are or are gifting to a Frozen fan, I say it is a big thumbs up. For the most part, you can find this game for under $15 at your local retailers and online, including Amazon.com.

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