Top Tips And Tricks for Flying With The Little Ones This Holiday Season

Throw All Anxieties Away, Because Parenting Expert & PishPoshBaby Chief Brand Officer Julie McCaffrey Has The Top Tips And Tricks for Flying With The Little Ones This Holiday Season

It’s inevitable–whether it’s the upcoming holiday season or summer, you’re going to have to travel by air with your kids in tow someday. When that day comes, knowing what and how to pack for the flight and trip can save you time, space, effort, money, and…even your sanity! However, are you worried that your flight with the kiddos will be nothing short of a total stress-fest?

Throw all anxieties aside, because Parenting Expert Julie McCaffrey, mom and Chief Brand Office of PishPoshBaby, has tried-and-tested tips and tricks for traveling with the little ones. She made her list into an infographic to help other moms and dads have less stressful flight experiences with kids. Julie knows that traveling by air with children is no mean feat, but her list has helped her and it is sure to be of great interest to all of the parents in your audience.

From snacks that serve the dual purpose of keeping kids busy while satisfying hunger, to the correct number of diapers to bring along in the kiddie travel bag, Julie’s infographic and written tips will help all parents who have upcoming flights with kids:

A Smooth Flight With The Kiddos

Pack the Essentials First:

As the infographic shows, the essentials should be the first ones to go into your kiddie travel bag. These include:

  1. Travel hand sanitizer
  2. Acetamophin or Motrin and a measuring dropper.  A doctor-approved decongestant. Also, pack medicine in an outside pocket, as you will have to remove it (all liquids) when you pass through security.
  3. Tissues in a Ziploc bag
  4. DVD player, iPad, Gameboy, or other gadgets to keep the kids busy for hours
  5. Wipes in a Ziploc bag
  6. Two changes of clothes for baby. Full change of clothes for all children under age six. Change of T-shirt for older kids. (Keep in mind that when your kids look neat and cute, other passengers will be more patient.)
  7. Diapers (Divide the amount of hours from when you leave your house until you arrive at your final destination by two)
  8. A pacifier clipped on baby, plus one spare set of pacifier and clip
  9. Blanket for baby
  10. Your child’s favorite blanket or Teddy Bear to help her feel like she has a piece of home anywhere you all go.
  11. Sweaters, because it can get cold on the plane at any season
  12. Baby bottle plus a spare
  13. Bibs (the amount varies by age)
  14. An empty Sippy cup for toddlers and small empty 8-oz. spout water bottles for kids three years and up. Airline regulations do not allow you to bring drinks in, so fill the bottles once you get on the flight.
  15. Sandwiches cut into bite-size pieces in Ziploc bags. Snack food that do not melt, get sticky, or crumble. Cheerios, Animal Crackers, pretzels, cucumber sticks, chicken fingers, and lollies on sticks are good ideas.
  16. Drawing paper, crayons, books (depending on your child’s age)
  17. Their favorite books
  18. Snacks that serve a dual purpose: keeping the kids busy while addressing the munchies, such as button candy and jelly beans
  19. Some chewing gum to help alleviate air pressure before the take-off and landing

Must-Know Flight Basics

  • Get a roomy travel bag for the kids that will not exceed the airline’s hand-carried luggage limit.
  • Pack efficiently. You shouldn’t have to access the overhead storage more than once before landing.
  • Prepare the kids before the flight, especially if it’s their first time. Telling them what to expect and how they should behave can eliminate or at least keep the inconveniences to a minimum.
  • Dress your kids in soft cotton leggings/trousers, and T-shirts. These clothes will make them comfortable and encourage them to behave better. They also don’t take up much room in your luggage.
  • Before packing stuff that will entertain your kids, check first what your flight offers. Do you have a charger at your seat to keep gadgets working? Do you have personal screens so the kids can watch programs during the flight?
  • Airline-certified baby gear like lightweight strollers that meet luggage standards can help you go through security in a speedy and fuss-free manner.

Julie McCaffrey is the new Chief Brand Officer of, the high-quality store that supplies the facts and advice, along with the right choice, to parents who are completely lost in the whirlwind of baby gear. As a mommy-of-three and modern baby gear expert, she has been featured in Pregnancy and Newborn and Fit Pregnancy magazine and loves to help moms and dads navigate everything from baby gear to preparing for multiples to getting back to work and getting the whole family on a routine.

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