Outdoor Cleaning Services Your Child Can Do

Outdoor Cleaning Services Your Child Can Do

Whether you have a son or a daughter looking for work, outdoor cleaning services are a perfect way to match teens with money. The beauty of outdoor cleaning services is that work is found any time during the year, even in the dead of winter.

Outdoor Cleaning Services Your Child Can Do

Things to Clean Outdoors

The list of outdoor services that a teen or young child can do is almost endless. The beauty about doing outdoor services is that your child also becomes visible. More than likely and more often than not, your phone will ring from yet another neighbor asking your permission for your child to do some yard work.

Raking leaves – Raking leaves is a service that has been provided by youths for as long as there have been trees. For a small investment of some rakes and some garbage bags, your child or teen is well on his or her way to raking in some dough.

Shoveling snow – There is never a shortage of neighbors who need their driveway, walkway, or front stoop shoveled. Before the winter storms come rolling in, it is a great idea to have your teen make up flyers and let everyone know to keep them in mind when Old Man Winter comes for a visit. A few snow shovels and they are in business.

Gardening in summer – Of course, fall and winter are not the only seasons for children to earn a buck or two. Teens can provide services such as mowing lawns and weeding. No gardener enjoys the task of weeding, especially in the heat of the sun.

Patio clean-up – Once summer rolls around, your friends, family members, and neighbors will need their patio furniture cleaned. If your child is too young to use a power washer, then can arrive with a bucket full of supplies and use a hose to get the job done. Sweeping of patios and walkways is easy to incorporate into the clean-up as well. For larger jobs that need older items hauled away, use WE JUNK to get the job done in a jiffy.

Decorating for holidays – Some folks are not able to get their holiday decorations up, due to a physical limitation or simply old age. Neighbors may be in need of assistance having some simple decorating done for the holidays. Not only will this put some cash in your child’s pocket, it is also sure to light up a senior’s life.

Do not stop at just neighbors and friends – Your child may want to contact a local Y or even a library to see if they are hiring for outdoor work during the spring and summer months. Many buildings do have maintenance workers, but are willing to offer a teen the opportunity to earn some spare change. Facilities such as these know the value of teaching a teen to work.

With a little creativity, the list of outdoor cleaning jobs can be endless.

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