Review: Luxor Box Bi-Monthly Luxury Subscription Service

Review: Luxor Box Bi-Monthly Luxury Subscription Service

Are you a fan of luxury items? We are! What holds you back from purchasing them if anything? For me, it is the cost vs all the everyday things I pay for. Unless you have unlimited funds, you experience this dilemma often when deciding to get the items that sparkle in your eyes or an alternative that has a smaller price tag. What if I told you for just $139, you could get a little piece of luxury every other month? Even better that every Luxor Box carries a product value of $275! So not only are you satisfying your desire for glam but you also get that lower price that makes your heart lighter.

Review: Luxor Box Bi-Monthly Luxury Subscription Service

Luxor Box is the perfect luxurious beauty, spa and lifestyle surprise. Each is beautifully wrapped signature box will be filled with a selection of high-end, unique and luxurious products hand selected for the highest quality, standards and ingredients. What you will get in your Luxor Box:

  • 5-9 Full Sized Products per Box
  • 6 Full Sized Boxes per Year
  • Wrapped in a beautiful signature gift box
  • Exclusive perks, discounts and giveaways
  • Available in US & Canada with free Shipping

Luxor Box beautiful signature gift box

Let’s talk about the July Luxor Box contents which included products from Mindful, La Soula, Jess and Co and Halcyon Days. Each product was carefully selected for this month’s luxury box and carries a value of $498! That’s right five hundred dollars of goods for just $139! Can you hear the trumpets sounding with joy?

Luxor Box July Luxury Contents $498 Value

Luxor Box Wins

Mindful Skincare Exfoliating Moisturizer – Value $59

Skincare is of the areas where I absolutely buy what is best for me and my body. I mean we only get one and taking care of it is such a great importance. There are also so many style, brands and price ranges for skincare products. They all state they are number one in what they do. However, you never truly know until you give one a try and it typically takes 2 to 4 weeks to see results. So, it is a privilege to see a moisturizer included in the July Luxor Box.

Mindful Skincare Exfoliating Moisturizer - Value $59

Mindful Skincare Exfoliating Moisturizer is a creamy blend created with alpha hydroxy acid and avocado oil. Both which work to eliminate damaged cells and smooth wrinkles while strengthening deeper layers of skin.

Now, my box arrived a little late (as they are already into August) but after 7 days of use, I will admit that I am already seeing the positive effects of daily use of Mindful Skincare Exfoliating Moisturizer on my face. My crows feet seem a little less prominent and overall, I am experiencing softer skin to the touch than I have had in years. This is a product I will continue to buy for my nightly skincare routine.

La Soula Modern Triple Diamond Adjustable Ring and Cuff – Value $189

Jewelry is a weakness for me and my daughters. If it sparkles or has meaning, we can’t help but have it. Then of course a great set of accessories can take a basic tee and jeans to whistle worthy sexy.

La Soula Modern Triple Diamond Adjustable Ring and Cuff - Value $189

La Soula Modern Triple Diamond Adjustable Cuff is a brass white plated diamond cuff containing 3 diamonds with a total weight of .015. It’s not a lot in terms of weight, but the small diamonds make it pop and sparkle with just the ideal amount of pizazz. The La Soula Modern Triple Diamond Adjustable Ring is a brass white plated diamond ring that perfectly coordinated with the cuff. This piece contains three diamonds with a total weight of .009.

La Soula Modern Triple Diamond Adjustable Ring and Cuff

If I had stumbled across these two in person in a jeweler, I would have purchased them at retail value without a second though. These two pieces alone are well worth the cost of the July Luxor Box ($139). Everything else is like a bonus that gives me a silly smile again and again!

Haleyon Days Antler Trellis Plates *boxed set of 4* – Value $200

Haleyon Days Antler Trellis Plates is an exquisite range created in collaboration with one of Scotland’s finest estates, Gordon Castle. The “Antler Trellis” collection is available in delicate shades of pink, pistachio, light blue and ivory. This stunning tablewear is crafted from English fine bone china and decorated with stag antlers that emulate and were inspired by the stag antlers that once lined the domed ceiling at Gordon Castle. Add these dinner plates to a super party with friends for luxury dining.

Haleyon Days Antler Trellis Plates *boxed set of 4* - Value $200

To be blunt, the only fine china I have ever owned was passed down to me. It is on display and never used. Why? Honestly, I have no clue. Maybe because I am afraid my children will not care for it the way I think it deserves or maybe just because I have never found a good reason to bring them out.

Antler Trellis Fine Bone China

These however will find there way into may photos to come. They are just stunning and as a foodie and affordable luxury lifestyle writer, they will make excellent props for the future. Now, will I ever eat on them? Only the future knows, but they are well worth the price tag no matter if they are just adornments or placed at the table.

Luxor Box IDK

*because it is not a fail but a head scratch, I don’t know*

Jesse & Co Leather Tassel Key Chain – Value $40

Jesse & Co Leather Tassel Key Chain - Value $40

The leather tassel key chain by Jesse & Co is woven with the finest Italian pink and platinum leather and accented with a silver key ring to hold all of your keys. As beautiful as this piece is I am not sure I would buy it personally. Give it as a gift to one of my more stylish girlfriends, absolutely! But since it came in July’s Luxor Box, this baby is all mine and will make a cute accessory to one of my Coach handbags.

Final thoughts: I am overjoyed with contents of the July box. There was not one time that I was not impressed with and only a single piece I may of not purchased outside of Luxor Box itself. The La Soula diamond set and Mindful moisturizer make me a sold believer in continuing our subscription.

Luxor Box July Subscription Edition

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Reminders: Bi-monthly luxury subscription box is $129 every other month. Pre-purchase a six-month subscription for $390 and receive a bonus free gift set with purchase, $60 CircCell DEW PH PERFECTOR. Not sure yet? Try the Luxor Box “Petite” which is a smaller version of Luxor Box and contains 2-4 of the 5-9 products being featured from Luxor Box for each shipment for just $50 bi-monthly.

What was your favorite piece from July’s Luxor Box?

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