Effective Ideas to Achieve an Organized and Clutter-Free Bathroom

Effective Ideas to Achieve an Organized and Clutter-Free Bathroom

Keeping your bathroom clean and clutter-free seems like a never-ending journey. You feel like you are cleaning it every day, yet you still see messy countertops, drawers, and cabinets filled with unnecessary items and toiletries just lying on the floor. 

We do not want to walk inside a bathroom that looks like a horror movie scene, so why not set aside a time to declutter your bathroom?

Continue reading as we have listed down a few practical ideas for you to achieve an organized and clutter-free bathroom.

Cabinets make organizing easy.

We all want everything organized as much as we possibly can. If you are the type of person who is easily attracted to spend on beauty products and get them in bulk, you will easily find these items filling spaces in your bathroom. If you can’t help it, get american made bathroom cabinets installed in your bathroom. 

You can easily find cabinets designed aesthetically to fit your bathroom concept. Wall cabinets are ideal to save space especially if you have a small bathroom. You can make use of these cabinets for your toiletries like bath towels. This way, it won’t be easy to get dirty and stowed away in a clean area. 

Utilize your cabinets properly by keeping its content arranged all the time. It is a perfect storage for all your beauty and bathroom products. But if possible, buy only the ones you need and throw away the ones you don’t. The next on the list will tell you how important it is to purge some of your stuff. 

Choose the best, purge the rest! 

Understandably, there are items in your bathroom that you find hard to throw away, so why not spend some time to go through all your items. You can start sorting the ones you “actually” need and separate the ones that are duplicates. 

It is important that you go through all your stuff and start disposing of the ones you don’t need. In doing so, you save up space and make room for other things that can improve the look of your bathroom, such as adding an indoor plant. 

Fun tip: Having an indoor plant improves your bathroom experience as it brings you a much nature-feel like environment. Also, it enhances the oxygen inside your bathroom, keeping the air clean and fresh. 

Drawer dividers can do magic! 

It is so easy to start a clutter if you mindlessly stock and stow things away. To avoid this situation, make use of drawer dividers. You can keep small things together, such as your hair razors, brushes, contact lenses, and cosmetics by group.

Always make sure to store similar items together so you will know where to find them easily. If you want to, you can try using an acrylic divider to make the insides of your drawers pleasing to the eyes. 

The see-through acrylic dividers are also perfect-fit for pre assembled bathroom cabinets, too. It will look spacious and airy inside. Since it looks clean and neat, it will be difficult for you to start making clutter again. 

Your daily routine can help you.

Effective Ideas to Achieve an Organized and Clutter-Free Bathroom

You might not have thought of it that much, but all the time you spend inside your bathroom has something to do in how you organize things. This includes the products you use every morning and during your pamper-time in the evening are. 

To achieve a more organized bathroom space, place in a visible area the ones that you need daily. Such as the toiletries, hairdryer, brushes, and other cosmetics that you need instantly. You can also group together bath salt, shampoo, and other products together in a basket so you can pull them out when you need it at night for a spa-time.

The moment you determine your daily routine, you can adjust accordingly and organize your bathroom to make it more functional that fits your lifestyle. 

Labels are a helpful guide! 

If you have a big family, your bathroom tends to get easily cluttered, not to mention how children spend time inside. To keep things organized, label it! Group stuff according to their users and label them accordingly. 

This way, you teach your children initiative in looking for things on their own and learn some organizing skills. Other than that, you can easily group items and save more time when cleaning. 

Fun tip: If you don’t like putting label names, you can do a color-coding instead. It works effectively especially for kids, and it does also add a dash of color combination in your bathroom. 


Keeping your bathroom neat and organized is not a hard task though it takes a little effort to make it possible. There are many ways to keep it organized, yet maintaining a bathroom clutter-free all the time requires responsibility and dedication.

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